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K Money Mastery: 5th Month Progress on Amazon Kindle Business

The 5th month has come around since I started K Money Mastery and things are really starting to look up for me.  My revenue from my books have gone up two and a half times since last month and I am more excited than ever to see what will happen in future months.


5th Month Progress on Amazon Kindle Business


This month started out like the month before sales were steady.  I put three books on free promotion, two books were new and one book was a previously published book but sales had been dwindling, so I had to do something to make this book sell again!

My free book promotion went OK, I would have preferred more free book sales however this promotion did help with increased sales page rank.

Free Promotion February


Sales For This Month

This month has been the best month to date since I started.  Sales started off similar to the end of January and have increase little by little, the best increase happened after the free promotion when one of my books sales increase and became a best seller!  The first book I published started selling again and I was still getting constant sales from a book I published in January.  My other books are making sales every few days and are helping with sales but not as much as my main three books.


Paid Sales Kindle February

KNEP Pages Read

Kindle Royalties Earned Febraury


A Best Seller!!

As I said previously I now have a best seller!  This is not only selling well but bringing me in a good income for my Kindle business.  The book is selling 5 to 17 Kindle books a day, this is first time I have seen this and I knew I had hit a winner!  When I first did my niche research it was in a category which only a few books were making money, however I felt I could make money from that niche and that belief had paid off with revenues of $285 for the last half of the month I knew I had hit a little gem.  I am very excited because if this book continues making the same sales as February as it does for the rest of its published life I should make $500 – $700 a month.
Best Seller Sales

Best Seller Royalties Paid

My First Book Is Still Selling

The first book I published made me $95 this month.  Since I created it on 25th October 2016 it has made me $247.44 in revenue.

First Book Royalties Februay



Last month I said I was going to put my books on createspace, however I have been busy with family and friends in England  and I did not have the chance to do that.  Next month however I should have all of my books on Createspace as I have started the process of converting the front and back cover, and converting the inside of the books.  The revenue for Createspace will be a whole different income source.



I am a very happy man this month as I have seen that now the results are beating my previous months estimates.  I can really see me hitting my target of $10’000 a month of February 2017 if things keep on going the way there going.  I will keep working hard as this will allow me to create a better life for myself and help more people around me.



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  • 12/03/2016

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