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K Money Mastery Progress: Free 5 Day Promotion On Amazon Kindle

The free five day promotion for my kindle book has just finished.  The free five day promotion is a time when you can promote your book, have a lot of sales which will help boost your books Amazon Best seller Rank and also is a great opportunity to have people sign onto your email list.  These five days are a very good promoting tool if you do it correctly and promote your book as much as possible.




Prior To The Five Day Free Promotion

My original aim was to get fifteen reviews for each of my books before I put them onto the five day free promotion, however getting the fifteen reviews was taking too long.

I made a post on the K Money Mastery’s Facebook group asking them for some advice on whether I should carry on trying to get the reviews or just start the free promotion, they told me I had been promoting at 99 cents for too long and needed to put my books onto the free promotion asap.  They told me the 99 cent promotion should only be done for one week, maximum two weeks, at that point I had been doing mine for five weeks.  I had misinterpreted one of the Stefan’s videos and this could hurt my book ranking.

I started to prepare the books for the free promotion, this was six days away.  I started going through all of the videos about the free promotion and other methods of advertising the book and took notes.  I had been so busy with trying to gain reviews that I had forgot about other methods of promoting the book.  I made a press release, I organised Fiverr Gigs which I would use, added myself to more Twitter and Facebook groups for promoting kindle books and found forums and websites to promote the book in, this was a very busy week.  I started the free promotion on Friday 27th November and ended it on Tuesday 1st December, this was so the book would be promoted for free during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Amazon Book Seller Ranking for both of my books had dropped and in turn had dropped the positions for the keyword they were ranking for.  One book had dropped from second to sixth position in its keyword and my other book had dropped from fifth to twenty sixth position in its keyword.  I knew I had to rectify this and bring the books back to the positions they were once in or higher to stand a chance of making money from these books.


First Day of Free Promotion

The first day I started posting a free link on forums, websites, Facebook groups and to Twitter profiles which all promoted free books, this was to help promote my book during the free promotion period.  I messaged all of my friends on Facebook and asked them to help with purchasing the books, these tasks were very time consuming but I knew this would all pay off.  I also hired a kindle promoter on Fiverr.com.  I gave my books details and she posted on some Facebook pages and groups.  She was advertising as the best kindle book service, but I feel I didn’t receive the best as I only got 170 buys between the two books, I feel that most of them came from my own promotion and from my friends buying the books.


Day Two

After a disappointing first day I messaged one of the members of Stefan’s Course, he suggested that I go with one guy who did a great job of promoting his kindle books.  This member had got 3500 buys of his book in his five day free promotion with this Fiverr promoters gig, that sounded like a great number of sold books to me.  After messaging another member of Stefan’s course he suggested the same Fiver gig.  I took them up on their word and hired this guy, and he promoted my books on his website.

This was obviously a popular website as my book was promoted with hundreds of other books.  My books sold another 517 copies between them, I was a lot happier with the results and this gave my books a great boosting in their Amazon seller rank and the position rank in their keywords.


Day Three

On the third day of promotion I didn’t hire anyone, I promoted the books instead on Facebook groups and Twitter profiles for kindle book promotion, this task was time consuming taking a total of four hours.  This day I got 254 Buys for the books and again my books position went up.


Fourth Day

I wanted a great last push, to get my books into the highest position they could as I was nowhere near the 3500 buys another member got.  I hired the same Fiver gig which helped me sell 517 copies and asked him to promote my book for another day.  The book sold 445 copies between them.

I check the Fiverr gig had done his job, however one of the books wasn’t posted on the website, I messaged him and he refunded my money and said he would promote both books on the website tomorrow free of charge.


Last Day of Promotion

As the Fiverr gig was giving my books free exposure on this website, I relaxed and just used this book promotion as a method of getting sales for my book.  The man stuck to his word and both were put onto the website and I received another 489 buys.


Free Promotion Sales



Day After The Free Promotion

The free promotion had served its purpose well, both my books were back on the first page, second and fifth position for their respective keywords.  What has amazed me about this is even though I didn’t follow the guidelines of 99 cent promotion period for maximum two weeks and then change to free promotion I am still seeing results.

The first day of sales after the free promotion with my books priced at $2.99 brought in four sales between them, from each sale I receive 70% royalty meaning I receive $2.06 per book.  Having sold 4 books I made $8.24.  I have also had 93 pages read by kindle unlimited subscribers in the two days since the promotion ended.

I will wait 24 hours to see the actual results from the first day as they don’t update properly till the next day and the day.




These sales are from Wednesday 2nd December.  The 3rd December isn’t generated until tomorrow and the true figures from the 2nd wont be generated 100% till Amazon updates the final figures.  I am very excited to see I have made some passive income and Stefan’s method is actually working for me.  I worked out if I make four sales a day for 30 days I will make $247.20 a month from the two books.


Rankings after they updated


Four sales on the 2nd December, two sales on the 3rd December 🙂


Whats Next?

After learning the process and how to do this I will be repeating the process and publishing more books but this time instead of doing all the leg work I will be hiring virtual assistants to do all the work for me so I have time to concentrate on other things.

My two books are around forty pages each, and I will need to add another twenty pages to the books, I will then turn them into paper back books to create a new source of revenue.

I am having two more books written with WriteArticlesForMe.com, this time instead of being around 40 pages long I will have them sixty pages long as I can sell them as paperbacks also.


Last Thoughts

Overall the free five day promotion worked just as taught by Stefan’s method, it boosted my books Amazon Best Seller Rank.  One book is in the second place of its keyword and the other book is in fifth place of its key word.

After investing all this time and energy I already have six paid sales.  This is pretty exciting for me as this shows that my hard work is starting to pay off.  My aim at this time is sixty five sales of each book per month, then I will earn $100 per book in passive income per month.

This is a very exciting time for me as I have seen Stefan’s method actually works and this has given me the inspiration to make my kindle business huge!!!!

My strategy for this business is use the profits from my book sales to create new books, create teams of virtual assistants to do the hard work for me and build this business up.  I will only create quality books which will not just sell for a few month but will make me passive income for years and decades to come.  I know every book won’t make me $100 a month but by creating a good quality book it will make me money month after month.

These first two books were a huge learning curve and I still have more lessons to learn, but I feel now I can aim high and really make this work.  I can keep working hard to get to my goal of earning $10’000 per month profits by February 2017.  This goal is very real and I believe I can achieve it!!!



In June 2016 I officially changed to My Self Publishing Revolution, find out why in my blog post: Why I Stopped Kindle Money Mastery And Started My Self Publishing Revolution


Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission but this will not cost you any extra.


Warm Regards,




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  • 04/12/2015
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  • Sonja says:

    Hi Michael, you mentioned that you found it time consuming posting to twitter and facebook groups and in Stefans course he mentions to get his software program k optimizer which helps with this task, did you use this software?
    Thanks for your time

    • mike says:

      Hi Sonja
      This post was done months ago, I have not done any posting to and social media for months, I feel it is a waste of time.
      The K Optimizer software I never brought because people were saying it was buggy and this was for a few month so I was not confident to put my money into something which does not work properly.

      I would not buy it now because I don’t do promotion, if my keyword is profitable it will sell on its own and I have done this with one of my most recent books which I did no promotion with it and it sells.

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