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KDROI Review – How To Easily Publish Your Book To 30 websites

Promoting Kindle books can be one of the most time consuming tasks in your kindle business, your time is better spent on aspects which will grow your business such as producing new books.  However if you don’t promote your book your sales may lag behind your competitors.  Promoting your kindle books is a mind numbing task which can take hours to do, once your finished you feel drained.  But you do this just to be seen by prospective buyers.  You can hire a virtual assistant but when you are just starting out this can be an expense you maybe can’t afford.

There is software which does all the hard work for you in seconds.  The software I am talking about is KDROI.


Review of KDROI - How To Easily Publish Your Book To 30 websites


How Does It Work?

KDROI works by submitting your book to multiple websites which specializes in Kindle promotion.


The Steps To Promote Your Book


Step 1

Find the book you want to promote

Meditation book


Step 2

Click on the Chrome add-on in your browser

Chrome Add on




Step 3

After you click on the chrome add-on KDROI will take all the details from your book and automatically input the books data into the relevent sections, the only sections you need to change are the Regular Kindle Price, change book to Non-fiction, and type in the authors email.

KDROI Step 1


Step 4

The Book Details will be automatically uploaded from the Amazon page, if you don’t have an Author Bio just type n/a

KDROI book submission Step 2


Step 5

Select which type of promotion you want – Free, 99 cents or Permafree

Free promotion will submit to 35 Websites during your free promotion

KDROI Promotion Type Step 3


17 websites during your 99 cent promotion.
KDROI Promotion Type 99c Step 3


13 websites during your Permafree promotion.

KDROI Promotion Type Perma Free Step 3


Step 6

Selecting the dates of the promotion, the dates need to be at least 7 days ahead of your intended promotion date.

You can promote for a maximum of 5 days

KDROI Promotion Dates Step 4


Step 7

Submit your book to your selected websites by clicking on Submit Promotion.


Does It Actually Submit To The Websites?

Once the book has been submitted on KDROI you will get emails from the specific websites telling you that the book has been submitted to their website on the date you have submitted for.  So the answer is yes it does submit to the websites.


Other Features

KDROI has one other feature which at the bottom of the window, it is called Review Cloud.  Review cloud features all of the words that are on the Amazon product page.
KDROI Review Cloud


Video Tutorial


Is It Worth The Money?

Yes, it is worth every penny as it takes out the hard work out which would normally take hours to do.  And with KDROI only costing $47, normally $97 (50% discount through my link) for life time access which includes unlimited updates this is a cheap deal as you are paying for something which will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in virtual assistant fees.  They also offer 60 day money back guarantee so if you’re not happy you can refund your money.


Should You Buy?

In my opinion with there only being a one time payment you are investing in something which will pay you back for the duration of your Kindle business.



I highly recommend KDROI to anyone who is in the publishing business on Amazon.com as you are not only saving money but you also have full control over which websites you want to promote your books on.  I have used KDROI with all of my Kindle book promotions for Free an 99 cents.

KDROI has not only saved me money but countless hours, which has allowed me to spend time on other aspects which help grow my business.


If you purchase KDROI please go through my link, I will gain a small commission and you will also save 50% on your purchase.

Click here to purchase your copy of KDROI today!

Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission and you will get 50% off.

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  • 24/03/2016
  • Jason Giles says:

    Hey Michael, It’s Jason, we’ve spoken before. Looks like you are doing very well. I’m curious. Do you like the KDROI product better than Stefan’s monthly subscription product? I think Stefan’s is like $27 / month and it submits to more than 60 sites. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Keep it up!! J

  • mike says:

    Hi Jason
    I have never tried Stefan’s subscription product. At the time I was hearing different things and it had bugs at the time so I decided not to go with it, my best advice would be to ask other people who have used it.
    I like KDROI as it is a one time payment and does the same job over and over again, you get free updates.

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