KDSPY Review: How To Make Kindle Book Niche Research Easy

KDSPY, How to find a profitable niche

Having started my Amazon kindle book business with two books in November I was really excited to start this new business and spent a lot of time trying to find a perfect niches for my first two books.  Even though I felt happy to do this, this task took me hours of searching before I found one which I was happy with.

Once my first two books were put on autopilot I started the process again but the task of searching for a new niche was taking too long.  I decided to start looking for something which would make my life easier in researching the niches.  I needed some kind of software to do the hard work for me.  This is when I found KDSPY.

KDSPY made my workload easier, I went from searching ten niches an hours to hundreds of niches an hour.  This was a game changer!!

KDSPY, How to find a profitable niche


How Does KDSPY work?

KDSPY works by scanning a specific keyword or keywords and brings back data on the kindle books which include the amount of pages, price, estimated book sales, estimated monthly revenue, reviews and sales rank.  The tool also assesses whether it is worth you pursuing the niche based on a traffic light system stating its popularity, potential and competition.



To make things easier KDSPY has a keyword analysis section which makes looking at the specific keyword a lot easier.  As you can see from the picture above and below you can quickly asses from the picture below Buddhism for beginners doesn’t have much potential based on the sales rank.

Amazon Seller Rank




One of my favourite features of KDSPY is word cloud, this looks looks at the most popular words used in the niche and bring back data with how many times each word has been used in the book titles.  You can then take that data and create your own kindle book title based on the data.




KDSPY takes a matter of seconds to bring up results of the first twenty kindle books in the chosen niche.


How To Use KDSPY

Why Do I like it?

KDSPY made my life easier, I do not have to spend hours of my time looking through niches.  I can find out if the niche is worth my time to invest in in a matter of seconds.

KDSPY has helped me achieve results in my keyword research faster, more accurately allowing me to focus my time on other tasks to help grow my kindle book business.

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Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission and you will get 50% off.


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