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Khao Kradong Forest Park & Wat Pa Khao Noi

I regularly visit Buriram province in Thailand to see friends and as I am already there it is a great opportunity to see places around the province.

I decided to take a day trip to Buriram city and visit two places close by Khao Kradong Forest Park and Wat Pa Khao Noi.


Khao Kradong Forest Park & Wat Pa Khao Noi


How To Get There?

The journey is around 10 kilo metres or 20 minutes by car from Buriram city.  Just head south of the city and there will be signs showing the way.


Khao Kradong Forest Park

Khao Kradong Forest Park has a few things to see and do.  You have two options for getting around, you can walk or you take a car or motorbike.

If you decide to walk you will first have to climb a huge staircase.  This was tiring but worth it, by the time you get to the top you will be tired.  I recommend carry water with you on this whole trip as Thai weather is hot and walking up those steps will make you thirsty.


Once you get to the top of the steps you will be greeted by a huge monument of a gold Buddha.  The views from the top of this hill are beautiful and can see for miles around.





Khao Kradong Volcano

Beside the gold Buddha are the steps down to the Khao Kradong Volcano.


To the right of the steps you take to walk down to the volcano there is a slide which kids can slide down on pieces of cardboard, but the cardboard is not enough as the kids who slid down were getting stuck due to the friction between the cardboard and the slide, this was not making the slide experience smooth.

As I got closer to the volcano area there was a group activity going happening.  People were doing a three legged walk, helping out their friend, some people were just too tired to complete the challenge, I imagine they had walked quite a distance up to this point.  The walk had consisted of steps and obstacles which they had to do with one of their legs tied together.


After seeing where the volcano is suppose to be  I am not sure where they got the name volcano from because I can not see a volcano anywhere, just a hole in the ground.



Khao Kradong Forest Park is a great place to come to get away from everything and relax, even though there was quite a few people it was still quiet and was a relaxing place to come.



The Big Walk Down

The walk down from the golden Buddha statue and forest was just as hard as the walk up, after your tired from all that walking around your legs will feel a little like jelly.

Riding Around

The roads around Khao Kradong Forest Park offer a great ride with not many cars it is mainly open road which is full of up and down, twists and turns, you are in a forest and feels like a small adventure.

Wat Pa Khao Noi

A few kilometres from Khao Kradong forest park is Wat Pa Khao Noi.

Wat Pa Khao Noi is a small temple where people come pay respect to Luang Pu Sawat Suwacho, the monk who attained sanctification whilst walking.

This is a Khmer style temple which is great to admire the workman ship, I like to come see these Khmer temples as they offer something different to the modern Thai temples.



Final Thoughts

Khao Kradong Forest and Park is well worth a visit if you are around Buriram city.  Coming here you can feel at one with nature and get away from everything in your life.  The forest area has a section of cover from trees giving you shade so you aren’t hit by the direct heat from the sun all the time you are there.


Warm Regards,




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  • 12/07/2016

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