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Kindle Auto Pilot Review: Automating Your Kindle Business

I have been doing Kindle publishing for ten months and for majority of that time I have been doing most of the work myself.  Only recently I have started to outsource some of the tasks to virtual assistants.  By outsourcing these tasks it has made my life a lot easier as I have been able to work on other projects and work on the more important things in my Kindle business.

I really wish now I had outsourced more of my business from the start like many of the more experienced publishers had been telling me, but I thought I knew better.


When I was starting I was trying to do everything myself to save those extra pennies so that I could invest them into more books, but without realizing it I was using up vital time which could have been used for the important tasks.  You think you are working quicker but you are actually wasting your time on the lower end tasks.

It wasn’t until recently that I came across Kindle Auto Pilot that my opinion on outsourcing changed.  I was intrigued by the course because it teaches you how to automate your Kindle business.  I was curious whether I could actually outsource the whole process.


Outsourcing Your Whole Business

The goal of your business is to have it grow whilst you are not there.  The course gives you all of the material to outsource every aspect of your business and it is really your choice on which tasks you want to do or give to someone else.  The course is broken down into two parts the 25% of the most important tasks and the 75% of the repetitive tasks.  Brian teaches you that you should outsource the whole process, with the repetitive tasks only needing you to check the first few times they do them and the important tasks you need to have a final say on.

There are two main differences between the tasks.  The repetitive tasks really anyone can do, the instructions are self-explanatory and the important tasks require a bit more thinking on the behalf of your virtual assistant.


What’s Included

The course has 33 videos which are broken down into three sections, lessons, bonuses and manager training.



The lesson section is for you, showing you tasks which you will need to do to start outsourcing your business.  These are only a one time process.

In the lessons section Brian breaks down the course and what you will be taught.  He shows you that you need to create a system which will allow you to leverage your time, allowing you to take yourself out of your business.  He lists the twenty-one tasks that you need to do to produce one book whilst highlighting the five most important tasks.

There is a video for every task, he runs through each process as if he is doing it himself so you can see the process and you can mimic his actions, there is really no thinking outside of the box for this section.

Firstly he shows you what you should look for when hiring a manager.  What you should look for in them, how to identify which ones will be a fit for your business, and lastly whether to hire per job or by the hour.  Brian basically lays this out on a silver platter, he gives you everything so once you have hired your virtual assistant you just give them the documents, videos and they are ready to go and do the work for you.  This part makes your life a lot easier.

There is a small catch, it’s not as easy as just giving the videos and documents to your new virtual assistant.  Brian does explain this is something which will take time, you are dealing with a human being, not a robot so they will have to learn this and may have some questions.  Remember you will want to check their work is up to your standard before letting them go into the wild and give them full trust over your business.  You are trying to create a copy of yourself, so you have to train them and this will take time, but once they are trained there is no more real work except handing them the tasks.


Brian shows you:

  • How To use software to manage your business tasks which will tell your virtual assistant what they are doing next.
  • How To allow your virtual assistant to access certain sites without giving away your password.
  • His own production process so you know step by step how he runs and automates his business, this allows you to see how you can implement this into your own publishing business.
  • How to put this all together so you can show your virtual assistant what to do.
  • How to gain reviews for your Kindle books.
  • Where to buys a VPN and how to set it up.
  • Where to purchase a pre-paid credit card or a gift card.



Bonus Lessons

The bonus lessons consist of tools that can help increase your productivity and save you time.  One of three tools he uses which all professional publishers use for their keyword research is KDSPY, this is the same tool as I use for all of my keyword research.

Brian explains how to use each one of these tools to  help speed up the process of searching for your keywords, niche and categories.

What I liked about this section was he brought Best Seller Ranking Pro back to my attention and showed me the value of it.  Subsequently I have bought it and will use it for selecting my future categories.



Manager Training – Basic Tasks

Your new staff will need to be trained and Brian provides videos for everything.  So imagine you have a new virtual assistant and they know absolutely nothing about Kindle publishing or how to run your business, the videos will show them how to do the work, so you will not have to train them.  The 75% of steps that you will outsource is covered here.  Even though there are videos I would still recommend that you check the work after your virtual assistant has finished, at least for the first few times to see they fully understand what they are doing.

Most of the tasks are straight forward, you will see for yourself.  Brian has created a lesson which is a big golden nugget which teaches  you to put a book into a specific category.

What I mean by this is if you want to put your book into a category you have found through your research but when you come to adding it in the KDP category section you can’t find it, there is something which you can do to add it.  For example, below is a category which I could not find.

  • Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Alternative Medicine > Meditation


The videos in this section allow you to outsource all of the repetitive tasks to a virtual assistant, this will free up so much of your time.

Manager Training Basic Tasks:

  • How to use a VPN so there is consistency
  • How to create a new amazon account
  • How to submit a book to a writing company
  • How to use
  • How to use a tracking sheet to manage multiple virtual assistants
  • How to upload a book to KDP
  • How to change book categories
  • How to change the price of a book and set up a free promotion
  • Kindle and Createspace additional editing
  • How to submit audiobook to ACX for production
  • Linking a book to an Amazon author account
  • How to upload a book to Createspace
  • How to make an offer and produce an audiobook on ACX

For every video he has a PDF document in the document section and also a link to the video on Vimeo so you can send this link to your virtual assistant and they can access the video.



Manager Training – Bonus Training

Brian has added bonus manager training so that you can take yourself out of your business.  This training is the other 25% of tasks that you would normally do.

In these videos your virtual assistant will learn how to:

  • Find a profitable niche
  • Find profitable keywords
  • Create a great title
  • Create an outline and template for book writers
  • Find a great cover

This I feel was a magic touch to the course as when you start the course you are left with the impression that you would still have to do some of the work.  The videos go over each task allowing the virtual assistant to start thinking for themselves, he gives examples of how to do each process giving a good outline showing what your virtual assistant will need for each of the tasks.

When hiring for these tasks I would recommend someone who has a bit more of a creative mind as this is not the mundane tasks like the basic 75%.



Fully Automating Your Publishing Business

Brian doesn’t leave you in the dark, he has you covered by giving you the final piece of the puzzle.  This video links everything together so you have a clearer picture of what you will need to do to hire a virtual assistant and outsource your business.



Who Is the Course For?

This course is for anyone who is looking to outsource their Kindle publishing business and turn it into a truly passive source of income.  Whether you have already been doing Kindle publishing for a while or you are just starting, the course will be able to fill in any doubts you have about outsourcing certain tasks.

If you are new to Kindle publishing I would recommend doing the process yourself and understanding how it works first, then outsource it.


How Did It Help Me?

The course has allowed me to take advantage of virtual assistances to maximize my time.  I have now been able to outsource majority of my business, with the plan to outsource the rest once I find the correct candidate for the other 25% of tasks.  I wouldn’t have thought this course could have helped me in the way it has but now I really understand the power of leveraging other people’s time for money as it gives you time to concentrate on things which you care more about or the ability to create new sources of income.  It has allowed me to be the boss and not work in my business.

It has also changed my mindset for future business, I want to build up new businesses as quickly as I can and then outsource them.


What Is The Course Missing?

The course is near to perfect but it is missing a lesson on proof-reading your books.  I feel this is something you can not do without as you want to check the writing company or writer you have hired has written something which is high quality, makes sense and flows well.  I have proof-read all of my books as I want to make sure they are up to my standards because there is nothing worse than spending all that money on a book to have it slaughtered when you sell it.


Video Review


Overall Opinion

The course has been put together well, you feel you are not left in the dark with anything as Brian is meticulous in every aspect, not missing out on anything.  I like how Brian explains everything so you feel you are not asking questions.

Brian voice, tone and speed is another factor as it is steady and calm to give you an understanding of everything you need.

Overall I have found a lot of value in this course as it has allowed me to free up time on tasks which I thought I was better at doing when in fact I could have just outsourced them from the beginning.  Of course you should learn the process first so you know the ins and outs, but once you know how it works properly you should hire a virtual assistant.


Free Bonuses


If you are a looking to outsource your whole publishing business I would recommend Kindle AutoPilot, it has everything that you need.


Buy Kindle AutoPilot today and I will give you:

  • Review one of your books for free.
  • Send you my virtual assistant process map.
  • Send you the Fiverr gig I use for creating my covers.
  • Send you the Fiverr gig I use to convert my book to createSpace PDF format


Buy Both Kindle AutoPilot and Self Publishing Revolution Kindle Course through my links I will give you 45 minutes free mentoring (WORTH $150)


I hope you found this review useful.




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  • 20/09/2016
  • Terrance Li says:

    Hey Michael,

    Great review. I just bought both products through your links.

    Just wondering how I go about getting the bonuses you offered and the 45 minute mentoring session with you

    Looking forward to hearing back from you


    • mike says:

      Hi Terrance

      First of all thank you for trust my opinion.
      I have sent you an email to you.

      Let me know if you received it.


  • […] Earlier this week I did a review of Kindle AutoPilot which goes through the course in detail to allow you to see what is involved within the course.  Check out the review here – Kindle Auto Pilot Review: Automating Your Kindle Business […]

  • […] Earlier this week I did a review of Kindle AutoPilot which goes through the course in detail to allow you to see what is involved within the course.  Check out the review here – Kindle Auto Pilot Review: Automating Your Kindle Business […]

  • Angelawrolo says:

    You always do the right thing. God Bless you.
    Thank you

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