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Kindle AutoPilot Creator: Interview With Brian Shapleigh

Brian Shapleigh is the creator of Kindle AutoPilot.  He created the course because he saw people knew the process of creating and publishing books but didn’t know how to systematize the process.

To scale up any business you need help, and hiring virtual assistants is the best option as a solo publisher.  After hiring a virtual assistant you will need to train them which can be a time consuming task.  Imagine you have spent a lot of time training your new virtual assistant and a month later they decide to leave, you have to start the process of training someone new, this is not time efficient!


Brian’s course allows you to no longer worry about a virtual assistant leaving, if your employee leaves you can hire a new virtual assistant, send them the documents and videos they need to perform each task and you will be up and running again in no time.  This really does save so much of your time.


I wanted to know more information from Brian on why he created the course and how it will benefit someone who is experienced as well as a newbie.  This interview is a really good look into the mind of Brian and reasoning behind the course.


I hope you enjoy hearing about Brian.


Interview With Brian

An Interview With Brian Shapleigh: Kindle AutoPilot Get Kindle AutoPilot Today!

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Brian is the creator of Kindle AutoPilot, the course which teaches you to outsource your Kindle business.
You may already know the process of creating a Kindle book but do you know how get someone else to do it for just a few dollars? NO! This is where Kindle AutoPilot come in, it teaches you everything in detail how to outsource your Kindle business and give you more time.

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Posted by Fresh Belief on Monday, 26 September 2016



Earlier this week I did a review of Kindle AutoPilot which goes through the course in detail to allow you to see what is involved within the course.  Check out the review here – Kindle Auto Pilot Review: Automating Your Kindle Business


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I hope you enjoyed this interview.






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  • 23/09/2016

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