Free Video Series Reveals....

How To Choose a Profitable Niche, 
Craft a Killer Title and Description,
and Publish Your First Book


In This 5 Module Video Series You Will Learn


Niche Selection
Learn how to choose a niche and find out whether the keywords are profitable


Persona Creation
learn how to create a personal profile of your reader, making it easier to write your books


Title Creation, Planning & Writing Your Book
Discover how to craft a killer title to create curiosity, and the right way to plan and write you book.


Cover & Description Creation
Find out why your cover is the most important element of your book and how a bad descriptions can lose up to 50% of your sales.


Publishing Your Book
Publishing your book the right way on KDP is so important as this can mean the difference between ranking and being non-existent.


I will show you two methods which will help you double your book income with minimal effort


Here's What You'll Get

You'll get 5 actionable modules that you can watch at your own pace

You'll receive a PDF worksheet with every lesson so you can apply what has been taught

You'll learn how to correctly set up your Kindle business for long-term success


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