How To Create a Kindle Book Landing Page That Converts & Makes Sales

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How To Create a Landing Page For Kindle Books That Converts: The Beginners Guide For Newbie Publishers

You’ve probably heard it before.

“You need a landing page, an email list and an opt-in gift.”

But most of those telling you this don’t actually tell you why, or how to utilize them effectively, and you’re probably confused. Right?

I’m here to tell you, you do, why they’re so important and how to utilize them effectively.

Landing pages have been around for a very long time and marketers have used them  effectively to capture email addresses throughout the years.

Did you know an email address is worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars depending on what you sell.  For your book business, I would go at the lower end but the value of the email subscriber can’t be just calculated on what they purchase, but what they can do for you.

It’s really how effectively you use your email list to the ROI you get.


What Can a Subscriber Do?


They can help:

  1. Give reviews (Be part of your ARC Team)
  2. Launch your book effectively (Help spread the word of your book and buy when it’s first released)
  3. Boost of sales when needed (You can send an email to your list to boost sales)


Beta Group

They can also be an effective beta group, for the tasks of:

  1. New book ideas (suggest ideas to help you create your new books)
  2. Choosing a book cover (Help you decide which book cover to use)
  3. Beta reading your book (Read the book before it comes out to check for potential errors)

As you can see the amount of uses for your email list isn’t just one thing.

kindle landing pages that convert

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page also referred to as a squeeze page.  It is a distraction-free page to capture some ones email address.

This means that the person visiting the page needs to take one action (sign up) or leave.

This is Zoe McKey landing page.  She is offering her Unbreakable Confidence Checklist in exchange for an email address.

landing pag 2


How Do You Create Landing Pages?

There is a variety of paid and free tools available.

But from experience, paid tools will save you a lot of time and money.  Free tools are great if you are on a limited budget but they can often lead you to wasting hours trying to solve the simplest thing.

Your better off getting a paid tool so you can concentrate on the important tasks in your business like publishing books.

My preferred landing page tool is Thrive Architect because it gives me so much flexibility in what I want to create.

The customization you can do are unreal!

Anything you think of you can make.

If you want to copy someone else’s landing page, no problem!

Here is how simple it is to add the Thrive plugin and how to create your first landing page.


Now Thrive Architect should is installed, its time to create your landing pages.

You can create your landing page completely from scratch if you want to.

This gives you the ability to start your way. I show you this in the first video.

If, however, you’re like me and are not very good with design, you’ll need a pre-made template.

Watch the 2nd video.



How Can Authors Use Landing Pages?

Landing pages are a gateway to the rest of your products or books.

Without one, you’re relying solely on Amazon for your book traffic.

You want to be utilizing one the most powerful marketing tool since the dawn of the internet. There’s a reason why every smart marketer utilizes an email list because they know the power it has.

Any #guru who tells you differently, you should be taking a good look at whether they’re using any black hat methods which can ultimately get your account banned.

You should be listening to people like Steve Scott who make a serious about of money consistently month in, month out using solely white hat techniques.

Here’s one of Steve’s landing pages for his book Habit Stacking. As you can see it’s quite simple.

  • The book
  • The copy
  • An opt-in.

You don’t need to overcomplicate this page

SJ scott book landing page


You’re Losing Money!

Yes, you heard that right.

Let me guess you’re relying solely on Amazon for your traffic?

And how is that working out for you?

You may be making some money or even a bit of decent money. But how about making more?

The fact you don’t have a landing page to capture email addresses is actually killing your sales.

By getting an email address you now have a licence to print money!

I will be blunt, not all email subscribers will make you money but a percentage will.

Once they’re on your email list you now have the ability to sell them more books in your series.

So instead of them buying just one book you can market them your existing books and also your new books when they’re released.

You have direct contact with them and can send them anywhere you want.

By relying on Amazon for all of your traffic you’re at their mercy, you have no control over your books, yes you can edit them but the sales are at Amazon’s discretion.

If for a short period a new book comes in and your sales drop and that in turn declines your sales rapidly, how are you going to get them back up.

An email list with a blast of traffic will help.

Remember these people are engaged with you and are far more likely to help, and the cost to send this email = $0.

You will actually make money from the sales, so it’s a winning situation.

You could use black hat tactics which if Amazon catches you, it could mean bye bye to your account.

With an email list, you have the ability to send traffic to your book at will. If you’re engaging with your list you will get sales, this, in turn, will give your book a boost push it back up the rankings.


3 Elements You Need To Sign-up Readers

There are 3 elements to acquiring an email subscriber.  Most people use just two of them, the third I don’t see very often.

They are the:

  1. Bait
  2. Landing page
  3. Tripwire page.


1) Bait

Bait is the means to get someone to click on your link to go to your landing page. This offer should be so irresistible that they just can’t say no to it.

Make sure it is a huge pain point they’re having.

Generally, you will add this at the start or the end of your book, some authors go as far as putting it throughout their book.

For an eBook, this will be a link.  For your paperback and audio versions, it will be a URL.

Make the link super simple.

This is too long:

Try this:

The 2nd one is far easier to remember.


2) Landing page

Your landing page has one purpose.  To capture the reader’s email address, and that’s it.

No distractions!

You should have:

  1. Headline
  2. Descriptive sub headline which give more detail on the headline.
  3. Boxes for people to enter their name and email.
  4. A submit button.


3) Tripwire Page (What Most Publishers Miss!)

Want to make extra sales?

This only works for your books if you have multiple books in your series or something else to offer.

If you don’t have books you can also promote affiliate products if they’re related, but for the tripwire, it has to be a low-value item for it to work effectively, around $7-$49.

Your new subscriber is taken to the tripwire page after they’ve submitted their details on the landing page.

The reason why this works so effectively is at this time they’re extremely hot (in buying mode), and they’re far more likely to buy more of what you have to offer.

I highly recommend reading Dot Com Secrets as it goes into the trip wire techniques in much more detail.

Someone who does this especially well is Mark Dawson with his John Milton Series.  Below is part of his tripwire page.

mark dawson tripwire page



Elements You Need To Create Your Landing Page

When creating your landing page there are a few things you need to think about:

  • Your opt-in title
  • Your freebie
    • What is the main promise or benefits they will get from it?
  • What topic does your freebie focus on?
  • What will they learn after consuming it?
  • What problems or pain points will your freebie solve?
  • What outcome will they have once they’ve finished?


Once you have these elements, it’s easier to add them to the different sections of your landing page.

There are different landing page templates but most of them have these 4 main portions:

  1. Headline
  2. Descriptive Sub-head
  3. Bullet points
  4. Opt-in form portion

I’m using Thrive Architect to illustrate this.

landing page sample

Echo your target audiences pain points


How To Create Amazing Copy

The copy is one of the most important parts of your page.

The words you write can mean the difference between someone entering their details to them clicking back and leaving the page.

For absolute beginners just write the main benefits of your free gift:

  1. What benefits will they get?
  2. How will it help them?

I always like to find other landing pages in my niche and see what they’re are writing as this can be a good indicator of what is working.

You want to take what is currently working and implement it into your strategy, don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

To make the task easier, I have some tools and points which you can use:

  • Find a more appealing word to entice more emotion with a thesaurus.  You will find some surprising words which you would never have thought of.
  • Headline Analyzer: Check the quality of the headline for you EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) score.
  • Add in Emotion: Tapping into the reader’s emotion is how you sell. By creating an emotional bond to what they’re signing up for increases the chance they will enter their email and click submit.
  • What benefit is your reader getting?: This should be obvious.  Someone doesn’t want to give away their personal email address easily, you have to give them a reason.


Extra Reading

To learn how to write more effective copy I highly recommend grabbing these books:

  1. Cashvertising
  2. Scientific Advertising

They will teach you how copywriting and advertising works and how to use emotions to sell people anything.

Examples of Landing Pages That Convert

If you’re starved of ideas on what types of landing pages work, here are some of the landing pages of the most successful self-published authors on Amazon.

Steve Scott

SJ Scott is one of the most well-known self-published authors, he currently publishes books in the habits niche.

Steve has multiple landing pages.  Many of his newer books have a different one for each book.

This one below is for his book Habit Stacking

SJ scott book landing page


Barrie Davenport

Barrie Davenport is the successful blogger behind She has self-published multiple best selling books on relationships, building confidence, positive habits, mindfulness tips, and how to improve emotional intelligence.

The landing page below was taken from her book 201 Relationship Questions

barrie davenport book landing page

Martin Meadows

Martin Meadows is the best selling author who writes solely about discipline and self-help.  He has been very successful with his books creating himself a six-figure income in this niche.
martin meadows book landing page


Patrick King

Patrick King is a social interaction specialist and conversation coach who turned to writing books.  He has since written multiple best-selling books.

Side note, Patrick’s descriptions are some of the best on Amazon.  I personally mimic them for my books.

patrick king book landing page


Why Thrive Architect Is Your Best Option To Build Landing Pages

With so many landing page option online it can be so hard to choose.

But after using more than I can count on one hand Thrive Architect came out on top.

I use them for many aspects of my business as there is no need to learn coding to create what I want.

With it’s simple drag and drop builder you can make literally anything!

I use it for not just landing pages, but my Homepage too, I couldn’t be happier.

It comes with 150+ templates for different types of landing pages, these include:

  1. Lead generation landing pages
  2. Thank you pages
  3. Sales pages
  4. Home Pages
  5. Many more…

I won’t lie, for the first 10 minutes I found Thrive Architect interface a bit difficult to use, but after I had got used to it I was like a bird to air, I just couldn’t get over how simple and easy it is to use.

BTW, I can do things with Thrive Architect that I can’t do with LeadPages. 😉


Final Thoughts

It is essential you have a landing page to capture email addresses for your books, yes you can use black hat tactics to get around this, but it only takes one algorithm change from Amazon and you’re screwed.

As we all know sales are the lifeblood of your business and having the ability to send your own source of traffic from an email list only gives you more of a competitive advantage.

If you’re serious about your book business, want to have full control of it and not be at the will of Amazons.  I would highly recommend learning about and starting email marketing today.

If you’re completely clueless about email marketing, Convert Kit has a 14 day free trial and amazing support to help you with any questions you have.


What have you got to lose?

With a 30-day money back guarantee you have time to test Thrive Architect to see if it is really for you.  You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Your book business is in your own hands if you want a sustainable business I highly recommend capturing your customer emails through a landing page.

What are your thoughts on capture email addresses for your publishing business?

Do you already have a landing page, how effective was it for your book business?

Let me know in the comments below.

  • 12/06/2018

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