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Kindle Publishing: 6th Month Progress With My Amazon Kindle Business

I am now starting to realise that Kindle publishing can be a difficult business.  Something you can not take it lightly, you always have to be on the ball and looking to improve your business.  You have to maintain your business or your business will die!


Kindle Publishing- 6th Month Progress With My Amazon Kindle Business


This month has been another fruitful month, an increase in revenues whilst only increasing my book collection by two.  I wanted to make more than what i did but that just wasn’t ment to be.  Publishing 8 books is not enough in this competitive market place, as people are always on your heals!!!



last month I had amazing results from one book which I published in February and my other books were selling constantly.  At the start of March the books were still selling well, I was having good sales going into March, then the fun ended.  Something had happened, the overall sales of all my books started to drop.  I looked into all of my book niches and saw a lot of people were coming into those niches I had selected.  I started checking the individual books and yes in fact the sales were dropping.  I saw this as an adverse effect of the new competition coming in as they got an automatic boost by amazon which made my book drop in position.

I waited a few days, didn’t worry too much, however my best seller was still on top of the niche but the book sales had halved, I now knew this book wasn’t going on to make me $600 – $900 a month.

drop in paid sales Amazon


Old Books Still Selling Well

The best thing about the Kindle book business is once you have a book which is selling well even if it isn’t in the top of the main niche but it is high up in other niches it is ranked for you will still average 1-2 sales per day.  I have two books which bring me in between $60 – $100 a month constantly and they are in competitive niches, the only difference is I aimed for a sub niche so they still show up in the main niche but also in a few sub niches.  I made around $70 on the first book I published.

Here is the paid sales for March from my first book I published, not bad for a book I haven’t touched in months.

first book published sales


I started getting mentoring as I wanted to take my business to the next level.  I feel there are things that I do not see that my mentor sees as he has been in the same position that I have been in and can easily spot those things which will save me time and ultimately money, speeding up the process of me hitting my target of $10’000 a month.

In our first mentoring lessons he looked at my books, gave me points on what was good, what needed improvement on, things I needed to do to create more revenue for my books, what to look for when looking for new niches and much more.  I really feel it was money well spent, and now I understand the quote ‘The most important asset to invest in is yourself.’

Sales For This Month

This months sales have increase on last month, not in the way I had hoped.  I was looking to double from the $555 I made last month for paid sales but it was not ment to be.  I did however improve on the month before, with only two books added to my collection, one of the books was on its 99 cent and Free promotion towards the end of the month.

People have been telling me for a while to get into CreateSpace and now I see why.  It has given me an extra stream of income, I even sold a book which doesn’t sell well on Kindle, so that was an extra $8 that I would not other wise made!



The Revenues are all calculated into US dollars.

Paid Sales = $715

KENP = 13136 pages read x $0.0046 = $60.43

CreateSpace = $186.27

Total = $961.70


March Paid Sales, Amazon Kindle
Kindle Unlimited KENP Free Book Reads Amazon
Royalties Earned Paid Sales, Amazon Kindle


CreateSpace Royalties



I am a little disappointed that I did not get the target of $1000 this month, I was shy by $39, however this has been good month in the fact that I have opened up new revenue streams, I only increased my book count by two and my revenues have increase by $300, I think that is good by the standard.

I have again seen an increase in my revenues and it gives me more belief that I can get to where I want to be and I can do big things in the future.  It will only take hard work and dedication to get there!!



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