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Kindle Publishing: 7th Month Progress With My Amazon Kindle Business

What can I say, this month has been a steady month very similar to last month, I now have 12 book published, 4 towards the last few days of the month so those ones are difficult to assess on the grand scheme of my earnings after not applying all the techniques with them.  So lets just put the total at 8 books for this month.


Kindle Publishing- 7th Month Progress With My Amazon Kindle Business


Like I said my revenues have stayed steady and I did not get to the goal of $1500, it actually dropped down which wasn’t my happiest moment in my Kindle business venture but all you can do is try to improve and do better for the future.



Competition in the keyword has been harsh this month, they have all come at once and hurt my sales, being naive and thinking these killer keywords would never be got into, but it wasn’t long before other people saw the same as I did and this is what happened, my books had only been in the niche a few months and I hadn’t done enough to establish those books.

The two books which were selling great last month have dropped in sales due to having a huge amount of books come into the key word and as Amazon gives newer books a boost my books ultimately fell and lost place on those books, some of my older books went down to 0 sales for 15 out of the 30 days meaning I went from a regular $60-$100 per month to only $25 for the month.  You can imagine my feeling :'(

For quite a few of the books I had my free 5 day promotion, I used this and promoted my book as a way to boost it back up the rankings, I changed around the title, keywords to see the effect it would have.  Some of the books that had been hit started to rise back up, but in one particular key word it was useless, there was literally a new book entering the keyword every 2-3 days.  This would keep my book out of the 1st page and result in my book not gaining sales and then it losing its rank.  I tried everything I could and after the free promotion it made 4 sales for the last 3 days, so things look a little better for this book, but we will see for May.

Sales From The First Book I published


This was a book which was making sales of $60 – $100 a month and was constant and steady, however this month it has been severely hurt by quite a few new books entering into its keyword.  5 of the days were free promotion but still I now appreciate how important keyword research is.


Working More Efficient

The one thing I could not get for months was working out a system, I was just working, not having a plan or direction and this was causing me to become unefficient and working more hours then I should.  This month I discovered Trello, Google Keep and my note pad.  All of these aspects helped me to work more efficiently and quicker.  I now breeze through tasks and I am able to work more on other things like my blog and other projects.

Having more freedom gives me a breath of fresh air 🙂

Royalties For This Month

Royalties for this month didn’t go the way I wanted them to, they have dropped in paid sales and KENP however they slightly rose in Createspace.  The one pleasant surprise I got this month is the one book that never sells in Kindle made $33.94 in Createspace, just showing that sometimes a book that does not sell on Kindle will sell as a paperback.



Royalties are in US Dollar

Kindle – $536.11

KENP – $49.04

Create Space – $188.72

Total – $773.87







Overall I am disappointed that I could not hit my target of $1500.  This month was a big lesson to show me that I can’t just think that my royalties will rise automatically I need to be constantly working to make all of my books the best in their keyword and dominate that keyword.  In May I will come back stronger and hit the goal of $1500, I have 4 new books coming this month, maybe 6 books, we will see what happens.  I am confident the new books can produce good numbers and my current books can get back to their old selling ways again, I can just feel it!!



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