7 Kindle Publishing Tips To Get More Book Sales Quickly

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7 Kindle Publishing Tips To Get More Book Sales


I’ve been Kindle publishing for 2 years and during that time I’ve realized a few things that can dramatically change the number of sales a book has for the better or the worst. You preferably want to be aiming for the better.

There are a few things that really stuck out to me as the most important ones.

In this post, I will be talking, about the 7 Kindle publishing tips which will give you the best results.


7 Kindle Publishing Tips Your Need To Implement To Get More Sales

Here’s a list of the top 7 Kindle publishing tips you need to get more sales and set your book up for success.

I’ve broken them down into the most important tips which will give you the best results to your inputted time.


1) Niche and Keyword Research

This is the first thing you should be looking at for your books. Without profitable keywords, the rest of the steps will not matter.

If you choose a keyword which the books aren’t already making money for, there’s a high chance you won’t make money either, it’s simple science.

Go to where the money is!

Think of it like this. Are people purchasing books for that keyword already?

If no, then there is absolutely no point in producing a book for that keyword. If you already have a book for a keyword which isn’t making any sales and you see it’s the keyword causing the problem, republish the book under a different keyword.

You will be surprised what happens to your sales.


What Makes a Keyword Profitable?

To identify a profitable keyword you want to start with the basic rule.

Are 4 of the top 6 books under 100,000 BSR (Best Seller Rank)?

KDSPY kindle Best Seller Rank

Screen shot from KDSPY dashboard

If you’ve got that one, great.  You need to move on to the remaining 5. To get the remaining five click here.

To speed things up add DS Amazon quick view, this will show you the BSR and other details under each book.

This is fast but I prefer faster! KDSPY will save you a lot more time when searching for keywords.


What Is KDSPY?

KDSPY sources the most important data from the Amazon search page and gives it to you in an easy to read format as shown above.

Imagine running a race against a gold medalist? You’re probably going to lose!

How about jumping on a horse and racing again? You’re going to win.

That horse is KDSPY, you will find more keywords in less time while making the research phase much clearer.


2) Target a Specific Audience

Who are you selling your book to?

Do you even know or are you just finding a keyword, publishing a book and hoping for the best?

If so it’s time to change that strategy. It’s 2018, not 2017, your competition has upgraded their game, don’t be left behind!

You have to know who specifically you’re selling your book to.

The worst thing you can do is try to sell to everyone as then no one will feel the book is for them. They’ll just see another generic book.

You want to stand out among the crowd of other books and be known for one specific thing.

This can be age range, a sub-niche of the main niche, gender or anything else which gets your book noticed.

Don’t be like the rest of the authors, stand out and be unique!


3) A Killer Cover

A quality cover is only half the job. Your cover is there to get noticed among the competition of other covers.

Imagine you are in a shop full of blue t-shirts and there’s one red t-shirt. Which one will stick out the most?

Yes, you will see all the blue t-shirts, but you will remember that one red t-shirt, why?

Because it was different to the rest.

That’s how you have to think here, be different and stand out, you have to be the ugly cover aka a cover which does not blend in.


4) Title

Have you ever gone into a shop because you saw a banner outside which caught your attention?

Maybe it was the colours or style which caught you off guard and made you want to read more. Whatever it was, it made you stop what you were doing and take a closer look.

Then it was the copy which sold you to enter the shop.

The title is just to get you in the door. In your case, it’s getting the customer to click on the title which will then take them to the books sales page.

The title has to be something which peaks the customer’s curiosity and makes them want to read more.

4 hour work week tim ferris FU Money Dan Lok

Two books which I love the title of is the 4 hour work week and FU Money.

They both peak your curiosity and make you want to know more.

The title grabs your attention and then subtitle strengthens your curiosity to know more.

I could have put so many more here but it would have taken up the whole post.


5) Description

The description is where you sell your customer on why they need your book. It’s purpose is to convince them they should buy the book there and then.

By the time they’ve finished reading they should be absolutely convinced that they need your book in their life, and without your book, they won’t be able fix that problem they’re currently having.

If a lot of people are clicking on your book and not buying that’s a good indicator your description sucks ass!

A good description will not only sell the customer but will convince them they need your book and they will have no other choice but to hit the buy button.

If you want to learn how to create amazing descriptions which will sell your book check out Double Your Kindle Sales.

Not only will it show you how to create kick ass descriptions but it will show you the fundamentals to how your customer thinks and how to create titles which will get them in the door.


6) Produce quality books

No longer can you produce 5,000 word books which was the norm back in 2015. It just doesn’t fly with readers any more.

Nowadays people expect longer books although you can produce shorter books they’re few and far between for adults.

10,000 words is an absolute minimum you want to start with. You get to take advantage of better paperback royalties and your audible books are automatically priced a lot higher meaning more $$$ per sale.

A quality book is not just about page length, it’s more of what you put inside the book. The research you do upfront and the outline you give to your writer or writing company will determine the quality of the book you receive.

If you don’t research and know what the customer wants how can you expect a writer to know either. It just doesn’t work.

Do the work upfront, do research on your customer and you’ll have so much more success with your publishing business.


7) AMS Ads

AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) ads are more than just an ad platform to generate sales, it’s a testing ground to give you data.

When you get the organic traffic you don’t know how many people are viewing your book, clicking on it, going through and purchasing it. You just have to rely on sales and how high Amazon ranks your book for that keyword to determine whether you’re doing things right.

This is very slow and no real way to calculate how well the title and description of your book is written.

AMS ads allow you to specifically calculate how people are reacting to each part of your book. You have the data to determine each step.

  • Impressions – How many people viewed your book and didn’t click (This is a good indication of how good your title and ad copy is.)
  • Clicks – How many people have clicked on your ad? (This shows you how effect your title and ad copy is.)
  • Spend to Est Total Sales – How many sales you got compared to how much you paid for the clicks (This is a good indicator of how good your description is. If someone has clicked all the way through from the book ad to the sale, you can determine that person was completely sold on your book, but out of how many people were sold?)

Before you start running AMS ads I highly recommend that you get a full understand of how the AMS platform works and how you can create profitable ads, because as with any other type of ads you can easily over spend and make losses from your books.

If however, you know what your doing it can be very lucrative. You can potentially spend $1 and get $4 back, even sometimes as good as $20.

To learn how to create profitable AMS ads with a simple step by step formula visit AMS Ads Profit Formula.

This course helped me get 5% ACOS for one of my ads  in the first week using the formula.

AMS Ads Profit Formula


Where Should You Start?

You should start with your keywords.

Everything else in this list won’t matter unless your keywords are profitable.

If you neglect this step you won’t make any money from Kindle publishing.

Find your profitable keywords first then move onto the other steps.

Now, if you’re still stuck I encourage you to take my Rapid Kindle Keywords course…

rapid kindle keywords course

And here’s why….

I’ve spent so much time looking for keywords, it’s so painful to think back! I would spent countless days searching, only to find keywords too difficult to enter.  It just felt like I was wasting my time.

I knew there had to be a better way.

After a lot of struggle I started to create a system for myself and that struggle turned into success time and time again. I couldn’t believe it was this simple.

Are you feeling the same as I felt?  If so you need this system to save yourself time and energy.

How about finding your next niche and keywords in just 48 hours?

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Grab my Free Keyword Profit Checklist to see if your keywords match the low competition criteria.

Remember that the most important aspect of learning how to find keywords is actually TAKING ACTION. Get focused, decide which niche you want to go after, and PUT IN THE WORK!


So to summarize the 7 Kindle publishing tips.

  1. Find your profitable keywords
  2. Target a specific audience
  3. Create a killer cover which will grab someone’s eye.
  4. Craft a title which gets someone in the door.
  5. Sell them with your description.
  6. Produce high-quality books
  7. Start AMS Ads to test everything quickly


I hope you enjoyed this post, I have some more resources below which I know you’ll enjoy.


Additional Kindle Resources




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  • 22/06/2018

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