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Kindle Software You Should Get!

Running a Kindle business can be a hard task and doing it on your own can make the task even harder, luckily there are different types of software to help you with your Kindle business.

I personally use three pieces of software, all of which make my life easier, help me complete tasks quicker and have saved me a lot of money!  They have been worth the investment.


Kindle Software You Should Get!



KDSPY has been one of the best investments I have made in my Kindle business and I would say a lot of people would say the same.  The software is a time saver to say the least.

KDSPY works by bringing up the relevant information about a specific Kindle keyword.  All you have to do is find the keyword you would like to do research on, click on the chrome add on and KDSPY will bring up all the relevant information for you allowing you to make an informed decision whether or not to make your next book on that keyword.

Here is review I did of KDSPY: KDSPY Review: How To Make Kindle Book Niche Research Easy



KDROI has saved me countless hours of having to submit my book to Kindle directory websites by doing it in seconds for me.

KDROI is literally a few clicks and your book is submitted to up to 34 websites.  All you do is input the Kindle book information into the stats, a lot of that information will automatically be uploaded into the software, state which promotion you would like your book on, which days and KDROI will take care of the rest.

It has saved me money on virtual assistant fees!

Here is the review I did of KDROI: KDROI Review – How To Easily Publish Your Book To 30 websites

Book Report

All I can say is wow, and wow again!  Not only is this software FREE until you earn over $1000 but it makes things so clear by telling you exactly how much you have earned.  You can change to see your earnings in different ways whether by author, books, day, week, month or year.  It has every way you could imagine!

To give you and idea of how the software is laid out I have attached some stats from April.

Book Report Logo


Book Report - Earning Per Book Book Report - Earnings Book Report - Stats




I recommend all of the software mentioned to better your Kindle business just like it has done for mine.

To get them click on the links below.

KDSPY (50% off when you click through this link)

KDROI (50% off when you click through this link)

Book Report (Free software, what are you waiting for??)


Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission and you will get 50% off.


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  • 03/05/2016