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How To Make Money While You’re Sleeping

Everyone dreams to make money while they’re sleeping or out enjoying themselves but not many people know how to or just think it is a dream that can’t be achieved.  To do this you would have to create something which would make money for you on autopilot. That is impossible right? Wrong!  I have started to make money from my blog on posts I did weeks ago and I will show you how you can do it too.


how to make money sleeping

My dream in life is to be financially free and doing my blog is one method, my Kindle business is another method and I have plans to create more businesses which will supply an income for me, as they say “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”.

Now you’re probably wondering how do I make money from my blog? I make it in the way of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing defined by Wikipedia: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Basically when someone clicks on a link on my website and buys a product I make a commission from the sale.  These sales do not cost the buyer any extra money. The commission paid to the affiliate is the same as an advertising or marketing fee, however the affiliate only gets paid for marketing the product when a sale is made.  If you look at my Recommended Resources page most of these are affiliate links.


Putting The Work in First

Making money whilst sleeping doesn’t come without first putting in some work, you are not going to earn affiliate money if you just sit around and do nothing.

To start you can write about something you know which provides valuable information.  When someone finds the article and reads through it there is a possibility they will click on your affiliate link.  Not every person will click on your link, some people just read the article and move on, some people will click on your link and buy the product.

Once you have written the post it is there forever and you do not have to do any more work on it.  So now the post is there people can always click on your links and you always have the ability to make money from that post.  Making money while you sleep 😉

Try First, Recommend Second

A very important rule is to always use the product first as you want to see if it works and is good quality.  If someone asks a question regarding the product you can give a clear and simple answer.  People will then start to trust you more and anything you recommend in the future will be more trusted.

However, if you recommend something and it is of poor quality, people will associate you with poor quality references and all items you recommend in the future people may question why you are recommending that product or service.


Be the Master

A great way to show you know the product you are promoting is to review it.  This will provide value to your readers and will encourage people who are interested in purchasing the product to go through your affiliate link which will make you a commission.

This is a guide I did on KDSPY

KDSPY, How to find a profitable niche

Click Here to see the Guide I did of KDSPY


How Can You Do The Same?

Creating your own blog is very easy

  1. Think of a niche
  2. Sign up for web hosting, my preferred web hosting company is Siteground as they offer the best customer support and update WordPress automatically so your website is protected against viruses and hackers.
  3. Create your first blog post, a great first post is to write about yourself so people know who you are, here is my first post – About Michael.
  4. Write content about yourself or the niche you are interested in.  Here is a bit about my life up to my first niche post – What I Have Been Doing All These Years – Part 1 and my first niche post on my Kindle journey – Selling Kindle Books On Amazon: My Progress with K Money Mastery.
  5. Sign up to an affiliate network.  An affiliate network provides a platform for you to join a companies affiliate program, the ones I use are Click Bank, Rakuten and JVZOO

I wanted to start my blog so I could track the progress of my Kindle business, and show family and friends how I was progressing.  I also thought I could provide great content and make some money from it at the same time.  After searching I found Earnest Affiliate, this course teaches you how to start your blog, create content, build up an audience and make money whilst doing it.


What Products Am I An Affiliate Of And Use?

Kindle Business

K Money Mastery – Taught me how to make money with Kindle books on

Aweber – Email marketing and capturing emails so I have a list to promote future books.

Lead Pages – Create squeeze pages to capture emails.

Witopia – Virtual Private Network so I can appear in the USA whilst doing my Kindle business.

Fiverr – Any jobs that I need doing – creating the Kindle cover, promoting my book.

Google Sheets – For keeping admin for my business, writing down new ideas, can be accessed from anywhere.

KDSPY – Finding a Kindle book niche can be difficult, this software makes finding a new niche a lot easier.

KDROI – I used to manually input my books on to website for promotions now KDROI does it in seconds.



Siteground – For hosting my blog.

Name Cheap – Buying a domain name with Free WhosGuard.

Earnest Affiliate – Helped me learn how to monetize my blog

Aweber – Email marketing and capturing emails so people can subscribe to my blog.


How Much Have I Made So far?

I am making good progress and now have started to make money, here is how much I have made from each affiliate network since 16th November 2015:

JVZOO = $84.60

Click Bank = $53.54

Rakuten = $12

Total = $149.54



I am happy with how the blog is going, I truly enjoy writing the posts.  It allows me look at previous posts and see where I was, how I felt and where I am now.  The added bonus is that I can make money from it at the same time.  Basically, I’m doing what I love for a living.

I feel that this is possible for anyone to do, and if you have a passion for something you can choose to write about it.  By adding affiliate links, you can allow your readers to support you on your journey.

Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission but this will not cost you any extra.


Warm Regards,




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