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Michael’s Guide To Bangnamphung Floating Market, Samut Prakarn

I have been living in Bangkok for 8 years however I never made the trip to Bangnamphung Floating Market.

The trip to the floating market is well worth the trip, the market is surrounded by acres of trees and fields you will feel right out of Bangkok even though Bangkok is so close.




How To Get There

The easiest way to get to the Bangnamphung Floating Market from Bangkok is via boat from Klong Toei Temple.  The boat across is only 10 Baht per person.  The boat is very low down you could put your hand into the water.  There is no shield to protect your from the water spraying in your face, you just have to keep your head down.



Entrance to Klong Toei Temple



Boat across the river


Once arrived on the other side you will be greeted by people renting bicycles, I would recommend renting a bicycle as it is quite a distance from the pier to any of the places, also it is a fun ride through the winding country roads.

The cycle to the floating market was long, it took around 20-30 minutes to get there, but the suns heat wasn’t so bad as we were travelling at speed so always had a nice breeze to cool off with and had the shade of the trees.  After twisting and turning and long straights through the roads we finally arrived at the floating market.


Bicycle Ride


Parking up your bicycle is pretty easy, the rental shop gives you a lock and chain and you just chain the bicycle to a bar so it is secure for when you come back.


Floating Market

Given its name I was expecting to see sellers on boats selling their products, floating down a river buying products, traditional items or something special that I couldn’t find at the local market down the street from where I lived.  However it just seemed to be the normal Thai products you could find anywhere in Bangkok. I was disappointed as my expectation had been put out to dry.



The market has a variety of different food to eat from noodles, rice, somtam and much more, so you are really spoilt for choice, there is a whole section dedicated to just for food.



What To Buy

The Market however after the first disappointment came back to give me what I was looking for.  If you look hard enough you will find cool Thai items you wouldn’t find any where else, some real hidden gems!  The stalls selling handy crafts are special treats which are further inside the market.  Once you find these it is fully worth it the trip!




Another thing is the treats, one of my favourite deserts is coconut and I found a coconut desert which was delicious.



Extra Things To Do

Fish Reserve

Before we went to the Floating Market we went to the Fish Reserve, I was expecting to see some cool fish swimming around in a big lake however it was not going to be.  It was two rooms with dozens of fish tanks and jars with different types of fish in them.  If this is your kind of thing then go for it!



Sri Nakhon Khueankhan Park

Sri Nakhon Khueankhan Park is located between the pier and the water market.  The park has a lake in the middle with a pathway going around it.  The park is beautiful with trees all around, you really feel at peace and relaxed here.



The cycle around the park is relaxing and makes you appreciate the countryside and nature.  You could feel yourself staying there all day.  With all the cycling I recommend drinking a lot of water, this will keep you hydrated.



When I got tired, I stopped by the lake to relax and take everything in, it is really nice here.



Last Thought

I really enjoyed the day out and it is somewhere I have to come earlier as there is so much more to see than just the three places I visited.  The ride alone through the trees and the roads up to these places makes it well worth the visit, you will be tired, but happy you got tired visiting.

I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to find something new to do close to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.


Warm Regards,




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  • 28/12/2015