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Michael’s Guide To The Train Market, Rachada, Bangkok

The train market on Rachada Road  has been open for about a year and it brings the same feel as the other train market on Srinakarin Road.  This one however feels slightly smaller than the Srinakarin Train Market, however it is still big in size.

The Train Market on Srinakarin Road is a great place and I loved visiting it, however since moving to the other side of Bangkok it is too far away.  And since discovering the Train Market on Rachada Road I get the same experience but closer.

The Train Market is a great place to if you want to get out the house and go to something a little different.  This is a great option as it is out in the open with many cool things to do.  You can’t go wrong with the train market!


Guide To Train Market, Rachada, Bangkok


How To Get There

Take the MRT to Thailand Culture Center and use exit 3.  Located behind Esplanade shopping mall, you can walk through the shopping mall or walk down the road to the left of Esplanade and you will see it at the back of the shopping mall.  If you’re having a hard time finding it or you can ask a Thai person “Da-lat Rot-Fai”, and they will point you in the right direction.

When Is It Open?

The train market is open Thursday to Sunday 5pm – midnight


How Much Do You Need?

The Train Market is targeted for Thai people so the prices are not overpriced and you will be charged the same as Thai people.  Typically it will cost you a few hundred Baht.  I had noodles, seven pieces of grilled beef on a stick, cake and coconut drink and this came to a total of 170 Baht.

A previous night me and my friend went drinking at The Train Market and it came to 1000 Baht each.


What To Do There?

There are many different things to do from eating, shopping, drinking some beer, getting a hair cut, getting a tattoo and much more.

The train market has a very cool vibe to it, with  two sides to the market.  One side has a lot of people with your walking turned into a snails pace.  This area is full of stalls with food, deserts and clothing, on the other side there are similar things but there is a retro vibe, it is more open and less crowded.


Busy Time


Eating, Drinks and Desert

The food on offer is many, from rice, noodles, grilled beef, nuggets with seafood or chicken in them and much, much more you have a wide range of things you can eat.


Really Good Grilled Beef


On the retro side there are many stalls selling a mixture of Thai food and Foreign food.



One of the Cool Signs


There are stalls selling drinks, on the walk round I saw fruit juice, fruit smoothies, coconut juice, coconut smoothies, strawberry juice.  There was a wide variety which you can pick and choose what you want.  There were very few stalls which were selling the same item.



The best bit for me is the deserts!  The cakes here are made well and do not have the typical super sweetness.  A lot of Thai deserts have a lot of sugar in them and for these not to be too be super sweet is a refreshing change.  The Chocolate fudge cake cake was delicious.



I’m happy with my chocolate fudge cake 😛



The market is a maze of stall selling clothes, shoes, cheap Jewellery and nick nacks.


Stall from the busy side



Shop from the retro side


If you travel towards the back end of The Train Market you will find many bars.  The music played can be a bit loud at some bars, so its good to choose a bar which will suit you.

The bars here are a good if you just want to chill with friends or it is a great starting point before you head off for a night out in Bangkok as the drinks are priced cheaper than Sukhumvit and night clubs.


Bar Area of The Train Market



Me and Daniel Enjoying Drinks


Other Things

The market is a maze of wonderful things, you can find many cool things down the little soi’s of The Train Market



One place I found was an outside men’s hair cutter which was doing Thai style hair cuts.




Why I Like It?

The Train market is a great place to go, it gives me a breath of fresh air.  It is different on every corner and everywhere you turn you see something a little different.  I like the feeling of being able to relax, spend time with friends and forget about everything that is bothering me from that week.

There are many different types of food, and I like the fact I don’t just have to opt for rice every time.  I can go for something a little different and it isn’t going to cost me more than a few hundred Baht for the whole time I spend there.  It is a great place to hang out with friends and family.



Warm Regards,




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  • 17/12/2015