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My New Entrepreneurial Direction, Copywriting & Paid Ads

Guess what I’ve hit a snag.

The real entrepreneur struggle is happening, I’ve had to start hustling for work as they call it to fund my new venture. But I don’t think it will be long before the new venture will take off.

If you didn’t know, a few months ago I stopped Kindle publishing. I was so frustrated by the review swapping process and after a lot of time trying to work it out I burned out and lost my interest in Kindle.  I do feel that spark slowly lighting but for now I have a new focus.

When it does fully ignite again I will go back into it, maybe even write my own books ;). Wait and see.

As I was saying my new venture is paid ads running to affiliate offers.



Not A Quick Change of Wind

I have been jumping back and forth through a few different business models over the last few months to see what I wanted to go with and the one that has stood out the most is paid advertising.  I just felt like it was the easiest to work on and fit my strengths.  Now I am starting to understand it more and working out how to make it a very profitable business for me.

What I like is the simplicity.  Send traffic to an offer, get so many conversions, optimize and tweak to find out what is the most profitable combination and then scale.

I like this over Kindle because I felt what I was learning was incomplete and shady, using certain methods to get on top of the Amazon system, it just didn’t play well with me.  With this, it’s pretty straight-forward, your offering people something that they would be interested in and if they buy then they’re happy.

Obviously, there is a bit more to paid ads than what I said but this is it in a nutshell.


Wrapping My Head Around It All

The hardest part of learning anything new is understanding the core principles of how it all works and this comes down to having the right teacher.

For months I was learning from the Super Affiliate System which is a great course, however, the problem I had was I felt overwhelmed to the point at which I was searching for more knowledge online.

I am in no way saying the course is bad.  The course changed my mindset towards entrepreneurship, taught me copywriting, John even shows you how he finds and reverse engineers campaigns, but the information felt like it was all over the place and his main focus was on nutraceuticals which paid out $35 a time, and with that I would have to spend a few thousand dollars just to test variations.

In the end, I gave up and felt overwhelmed, I did, however, find another course.

You could call this a bit hasty after going through John’s course and not applying it but I still wanted to do paid ads.  After watching the webinar and seeing how simple the instructor made it I decided to take the plunge. His course cost me a couple of thousand dollars and boy am I glad I took it.

Not only did the instructor break everything down but he made it so simple anyone could understand, even me.  Yes, I sometimes over think things but he helped me keep everything simple.


The First Big Failure, AKA Lesson

I would call this a huge lesson instead of a failure.  The reason for that is a learned what I did wrong.  This lesson was an expensive one at $100. It was horrible, I felt as if I couldn’t do it at all.

How did I lose $100? My first ad campaign I set the targeting to everything, all the publishing websites, all spots, and all targeting.  Not only did they swallow my money but I made 0 conversions.  Oh, I felt disappointed!

After an hour of feeling down I went back through the training, looked at exactly what I did wrong and the lightbulb went off.  My ads and landers weren’t specific enough to the offer.  So I went back to finding and creating new ads and landers.

This time instead of targeting everything, I honed in on my targeting and aimed for specifics, one website, one spot, one niche.  I made everything more specific, this resulted in conversions coming in.


Current Progress

I have been running my latest campaign, the 4th attempt for a week now and I have over 11 conversions.  4 days ago it was steady 1-4 conversions every day and then something stopped it.  I will be running this a few more days and again assess what happened.

I feel it is the Tuesday to Thursday are no sales days, I will wait and see

The biggest thing I learned is to go with data not emotions.  Data is your truth teller!

cpv labs 4th attempt results


Why Am I Working As a Writer

I won’t deny it, my passive income has decreased.  I am now around $1’000 a month from everything which is not enough to sustain everything: money to live, run the ads, pay for software and if I don’t act fast my available money will dry up and then I will be in an even worse position than before.

It is not fun to be in this position but it is what it is.  I refuse to work as an English teacher in Thailand, that would really be a last resort.  I feel as a writer I can earn more quicker and do something I enjoy.  My main focus will be a writing blog posts on digital marketing, as this is where the main bulk of my knowledge comes from.

writing full time

I have been working on Upwork, finding work through online job boards and also cold emailing companies.  Now is the time to hustle and earn that cash.

From my first job I got a happy reaction so far

happy writing customer

BTW, if you’re interested in hiring me, send me a message


Start And Go Full On!

I believe when you’re starting out the most important thing is your mindset, if you have that then nothing can stop you. If you have your end goal in mind you will just push aside the problems that you encounter and find a way to get around them to your final destination

If you’re working for yourself it will always be a struggle at the start but by constantly working on that one thing you will gain success as long as you keep learning and follow someone else who has already achieved success in what you want to do. They’re basically your blueprint to success.


Final Thoughts

You’ve probably seen my ups and now you’re seeing my downs.  I was a bit nervous to publish this post but I wanted to just to let you know that you’re not the only one who goes through waves.  It’s really what you do when you start to fall that will determine your final destination.

It’s really what you do when you start to fall that will determine your final destination.

I know I got myself into this position because I let my blog run and didn’t update it.  My Kindle books were obvious, I didn’t update them or do anything after a ton of review were purged from the book.  I now earn passively from them which is still at an OK amount of $700 this month for no work in a few months and only 19 books, I’m happy.

I will get out of this and you will see me in a much better position in the future, just wait for a few months down the line.

If you’ve got this far I would like to know if you’re struggling and what you’re doing to get yourself out of that position.  Let me know by commenting below


Always stay positive


  • 06/10/2017
  • Joe says:

    Hey man,

    That’s a shame you’ve had to turn to freelancing but hopefully, it will help you get started with paid ads.

    Good luck!

    • mike says:

      Hey, yeh it sucks but you have to earn money to live eh. As of now I have just got my first job paying $200 for 1000 words and I will be getting more work soon.

      BTW, I gave up on UpWork, it sucks

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