My Self Publishing Blueprint Review 2018: Can you make your first $1000?

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My Self Publishing Blueprint Review – Can You Make Your First $1000 Online?

My Self Publishing Blueprint is the new kid on the block.

As the latest course on Kindle publishing, will it be able to stand up to previous powerhouse courses which have not only sold hundreds of copies but helped their students establish profitable Kindle businesses in the process?

With it being out just over one year, the course has had time to mature but does that mean it has all of the vital factors to become a success?

And the most important question… Will it help you make your first $1000 with Kindle publishing?

In this review, I will answer all of those questions and more


What Type of Course is This?

Self-publishing is split into two categories:

  1. Author (Someone who writes their books)
  2. Publisher (Someone who outsources their books)

Most internet marketers take the publisher route as they can’t or won’t write their own books and want to concentrate on scaling up their business.

This style does come with some flaws though.

Although it is a great publishing model sometimes the quality of the books can be lacking:

  1. Formatted badly.
  2. Not Edited.
  3. Not Proofread.
  4. Bad cover.

Or they will try and take some loopholes to boost up their books, you know what I’m talking about:

  1. Review swaps.
  2. Book stuffing.
  3. 10 timing your read count.

I’m not saying any of those apply to My Self Publishing Blueprint, you’ll find which ones do in this review.

With the course’s main emphasis on making your first $1000 from self-publishing and not writing your own books, it falls into the publisher type of course.


How Did My Self Publishing Blueprint Come To Life?

Emeka Ossai my self publishing blueprintIn 2016 Emeka Ossai found himself at a crossroads. He was unhappy and wanted to give his family a better life so he decided to look for additional ways to increase his income.

In August of that year, he found Kindle publishing and quickly published his first ghostwritten book on Amazon.

After seeing how it made money passively he decided to publish more books. After only 6 months, the publishing income was more than the money he made from his 9-5 job.

He decided there and then to quit his job and go full in on Kindle publishing.

Since that day he has never looked back!

Something else he realized was how much of an impact the passive income had on his and his family life.  He wanted to share that knowledge with as many people as possible, so he started to create My Self Publishing Blueprint.

To spread the word he used YouTube as his platform.

Starting in early 2017 he produced regular YouTube videos which steadily started to gain momentum. Emeka was persistent, he posted videos daily, just sharing his knowledge on self-publishing.

People started to take notice and little by little his student base grew.

In March 2017 he officially released My Self Publishing Blueprint with the simple goal of helping people make their first $1000 online through Kindle publishing. He felt this goal was more relatable to people starting.

“Once you make your first $1,000 month, everything changes!”

After getting his first few sales Emeka knew that he was onto something. He then took it upon himself to make the course more well known and the best Kindle publishing course online.

He has been consistently publishing books to gain new insights of what currently works and what doesn’t.

With Emeka still publishing he saw flaws in his course, he improved upon them and released an updated version of My Self Publishing Blueprint in 2018.

make money from home kindle publishing


Video Review

To see the inside of the course check out this video review.  I go in depth explaining the pros, cons and some tactics that I disagree with.

Right now, the only detailed video review of My Self Publishing Blueprint


What You’ll Learn

The course is broken down into 7 modules in which you’ll learn the entire self-publishing process.

  1. Module 1 – How To Pick Your Keywords And Niches
  2. Module 2 – Creating Your Book
  3. Module 3 – Publishing Your Book On KDP
  4. Module 4 – Publishing Your Paperback Book
  5. Module 5 – Ranking Your Book and Getting Reviews
  6. Module 6 – Creating An Audio Book For Additional Income
  7. Module 7 – Email Marketing For Kindle Publishers
  8. Bonus Lessons!!



my self publishing blueprint start here

Although this is not technically a lesson I feel this welcome is great for new students to get to know Emeka a little bit more.

He welcomes you to the course and encourages you to join the Facebook group.

He puts you in the right mindset to learn, breaks down the whole course and tells you to watch the videos multiple times until you understand them.


Module 1 – How To Pick Your Keywords And Niches

my self publishing blueprint - How To Pick Your Niche And Keywords

Niche and keyword research is the bread and butter (basics) of any business, without it, you won’t know whether what you’re doing will pay off or not.

For Kindle publishing, Emeka shows you how to find your niche and keywords in a very simple and straightforward way.

Each part of this process is broken down into bite-sized chunks so you can fully understand the concepts before moving forward in the process.

There are two ways to do this research the harder free way or the much more efficient method with KDSPY. He shows you both.

And don’t worry if you’re unsure whether a keyword is profitable, he has you covered here too, he will answer the big questions:

  1. Do 99c books matter?
  2. What if the book is free
  3. What about if the book has a lot of reviews.

And not forgetting one of the courses vital lesson, scaling your Kindle business.

Emeka shows you how to add all of your keywords together to form your keyword stack which has helped multiple publishers scale their business to their wildest dreams.

Below is an example of how your keyword stack should look minus a few vital stats.

Those stats are all in My Self Publishing Blueprint.

Keyword stacking

Although Emeka does show you keyword research strategies which are enough to get you started on your passive income journey I feel that for newbie publishers would benefit from quicker methods of finding keywords.

When finding keywords he only focuses on the Amazon search page which can give you some keywords but you’re missing out on so many more.

As a beginner, the stress of finding profitable keywords is one the biggest headaches as this can take days to complete.

I know the pain of this process so as a bonus when you purchase My Self Publishing Blueprint through my link, you will receive my niche and keyword course absolutely free. 

My course Rapid Kindle Keywords will show how to create a profitable niche from scratch quickly and painlessly.

  1. Choose a niche (Select a niche to enter)
  2. Find keywords (How to find keywords really easily)
  3. Filter the keywords (Check keyword profitability and whether it’s worth pursuing)
  4. Create a customer persona (Find out who your customer is.)
  5. Find less competitive keywords (Find keywords which are a home run)
  6. Finalize your niche (Put everything together)


Module 2 – Creating Your Book

my self publishing blueprint - Creating Your Book

You’ve done the hard part or have you?

Although keyword and niche research is vitally important, so is producing your book to the highest quality.

Emeka covers the book creation process in great detail.

He starts giving you the minimal length your book should be kept to, so it is optimal for your paperback and Audible versions which you will be creating later on in the course.

Although he does recommend keeping the books longer he does explain scenarios in which you can produce shorter books.

He emphasizes using a writing company as a beginner as you want to keep things as simple and fluid as possible.

I understand this point, using freelancers can be hard work and time-consuming.

I like Emeka’s explanation of the importance of the title and subtitle to the success of your book. I 100% agree with this as it is one of the two factors someone sees when they browse the Amazon store.

If your title sucks then people will be less intrigued to purchase your book

He furthers this by going to the Amazon store and shows you what a good and bad title looks like. Vitally important as this the 2nd selling factor after your cover when it comes to your book.

This lesson can be a game changer for people who don’t understand the importance of this. Yes, I’m talking to newbies as well as experienced publishers.

To delve further into the subject on the importance of book titles, Double Your Kindle Profits will show you exactly how to create titles which evoke a feeling which people relate to, and if applied correctly has the potential to turn a terrible book title into a sign telling people the book is for them.

To add-on, to the quality factor, Emeka goes through submitting a book to the writing Summit and explains how to get a higher quality book written.

When it came to cover creations Emeka did a good and bad job.

I liked how he shows you the difference between a good and a bad cover on Amazon. This is vital for anyone to be able to identify how to order a high-quality cover.

However, Emeka slips up when ordering covers.

I feel Emeka should give a bit more instruction. The ordering of covers on Fiverr feels a bit rushed. Instead of giving specifics and examples he just says order and be done with it.

What I would have liked to see is him do was look at the previous covers the gig had produced to see if they match the style he was looking for.


Module 3 – Publishing Your Book On KDP

my self publishing blueprint - Publishing Your Book On KDP

The Amazon KDP platform can be a daunting place, especially the tax area.

With this probably being your first business, you feel like you don’t want to mess up this part.

Luckily, Emeka has you covered.

He takes you through step by step setting up your account including the contracts and forms you must fill out to set up your account correctly, including banking details and tax.

This is a one-time thing, but an important one, without it you risk being charged 30% withholding tax.

He then takes you through the steps of uploading your book onto Amazon, from entering the title to pricing the book and everything in between.

He shows you the importance of a book description and who he personally mimics for his own book descriptions.

This part could have been improved by doing a live example explaining how to write an effective description but he just breezes over this just explaining a few formatting things.

Descriptions are vitally important and if you’re looking to get extra help with them I would recommend checking this out.

At the end of the description video, he mentions a tool he uses but there is no link to the tool on the video page. Something which would be useful to people.

Although he does take you through the whole process he could have used a dummy book to show all the stages.

He lacks in telling people to check their book before publishing. This is very important as most people publish their book in a word docs file, however, Amazon converts this file to a Mobi format.

Sometimes this conversion screws up how the book looks.


Module 4 – Publishing Your Paperback Book

my self publishing blueprint - Publishing Your Paperback Book

This lesson is your next money maker! With your Kindle version now ready, creating a paperback version will generate you a whole new stream of income!

You’ll learn how to format and create a cover for your paperback book with a Fiverr Gig. He gives you some good tips for this process.

However, with the good also comes bad.

There’s no real advice on back cover specifics, what to put on it? How to make it look?

Proceeding on from that he goes into the Create Space platform, showing you how to set up your account and upload your book.

Emeka does have a pricing strategy for your paperback books which can greatly increase your royalties.

Another small little nugget is taking advantage of sales and the extra income they can earn your books.

Finally, he shows you how to link your Kindle and paperback versions together.


Module 5 – Ranking Your Book and Getting Reviews

my self publishing blueprint - Ranking Your Book and Getting Reviews

Grab your scuba gear!

Emeka is diving into the black hat world of Kindle publishing.

This is something many of us do at one point but I highly recommend you stay away from it as we all know Amazon doesn’t like it.

I do hope in the future he moves away from this and uses solely white hat methods in the future.

What I do like about this is he explains that this is only a short-term method.

He wants you to use this strategy to help get your books off the ground and then replace it with email marketing.

I will explain this part so you understand what you’re getting yourself into. I don’t like this, but it must be covered.

This is an overview:

  1. The hiring process of review swappers on Upwork.
  2. How to find review swappers on Facebook.
  3. How to lay down ground rules with them.
  4. Do’s and Don’t.
  5. How to pay them.

Although I’m against review swaps I do like how he explains the ranking process for your book and he is spot on with this.

However, although I’m saying this, it is blatantly manipulating the Amazon algorithm which I know will come to bite you in the ass if you’re not careful.

Unlike other courses, this part he leaves no questions unanswered and you feel you could move forward and complete this with ease.

A huge question that circulates amongst publishers is where to buy gift cards that won’t link to your Amazon account, Emeka has you covered here as well.

He shows you the website to buy gift cards for your virtual assistants and keep under Amazon’s radar.

Don’t be fooled by this review swaps, Amazon is a very smart company and more than likely knows what you’re doing.

Module 6 – Creating An Audio Book For Additional Income

my self publishing blueprint - Creating An Audio Book For Additional Income

Many publishers want to get on the Audible platform because they know the profit potential, but due to their location, they can’t.

I can tell you from experience I have made thousands of dollars from Audible, the opportunity is not to be missed.

For the audiobook lessons, Emeka has teamed up with Gutenberg Reloaded’s owner George Smolinski who is an expert in producing audio books.

The first lesson George helps you with the consumer data of audiobooks. If you analyze what he says you can see the huge potential audio books have and why audio books are needed in your business.

But for many people publishing who are based outside of the USA find it difficult to impossible to set up an account. This, however, is not a problem as Emeka shows you how to sell on ACX with no problem.

As with KDP and Createspace Emeka shows you a simple walkthrough of how to set up your account and your first book published.

When it comes to paying your narrator upfront or royalty split Emeka has changed his stance to having your book narrated upfront which I 100% agree with.

You win long term with both:

  1. Royalties
  2. Bonuses


Take this lesson from me. I’ve lost around on average $1.35 per book sold, and I have sold over 4000 of them.

Yeh, I’ve $5400 lost.

It only costs between $50 – $150 to have your book narrated depending on the length.

I could have potentially paid a couple of hundred dollars or less up front to have them made and benefitted long term.

And don’t even get me started on bounties I’ve lost, I cried when I saw this.

George will show you how to pick your book categories with a ninja trick!

He shows you an insiders secret how you can put your book into a more niched down category so you’re not competing with big books and can sell more books

In the next video, George shows how to choose an audible narrator and gives his advice on whether you should pre narrate or split the royalties.

He confirms the costs of how much it will cost to produce your book.

In George’s final appearance he explains how ACX prices your books and how the royalty report works. This is good for anyone, as they can be sometimes confusing to get your head around.

Lastly, Emeka quickly explains how to pay for the narration work upfront.


Module 7 – Email Marketing For Kindle Publishers

my self publishing blueprint - Email Marketing For Kindle Publishers

These lesson shows you how to get up and running with email marketing for Kindle publishing.

I wouldn’t expect anything special, it’s just the basics. He does this so it doesn’t consume you and you can stay focused on publishing.

He does give some tips and strategies on what type of emails to send to your list.

The basics go like this:

  1. Lead magnet creation.
  2. Set up your email autoresponder, whether it is Mail Chimp or Aweber.
    1. Creating a list,
    2. Creating a form
    3. How to link your form with your lead magnet.
  3. Basic email marketing lessons:
    1. What types of emails to send to your list.
    2. Understanding what they want.
  4. How to sign people to your email newsletter from your book.
  5. What to send in your first 5 emails.


Bonus Lessons!!

my self publishing blueprint - Bonus Lessons!!

The bonus lessons are lessons which really didn’t have a place in the main course but are vital questions that new students may have or questions which have been asked multiple times to Emeka.

Some of these lessons are great value but some just have no use at all and may end up confusing new students.

Valuable Lessons

Book Bundles: This is a very powerful strategy as it allows you to repurpose books you already have and create whole new books. This not only saves you money but allows you to scale up faster.

10x Keywords: This is an Emeka Ossai original, it’s a very ingenious way to increase the keyword reach for each of your books.

How to get an ISBN: Although I don’t feel students don’t need an ISBN at this stage in their journey, this is useful for students who wish to publish off Amazon.

Dealing with Negative Reviews: This is short and straight to the point lesson, Emeka reassures you that you have nothing to worry about

Book Report: A great introduction to a free Kindle dashboard reporting

What To Do If You’re Book is Blocked: This is a valuable lesson for any student. The advice he gives is priceless and this could have really helped me when I had the same problems he describes in the video. #LoveThisAdvice


Filler content

Draft 2 Digital: This is just a quick overlook at Draft 2 Digital, not needed.

Ingram Spark: Emeka just goes over the Ingram Spark platform, nothing really special. He does mention you will learn how to use Ingram Spark in his accelerator program, but I don’t think this lesson is needed.

Smash words: This is just a quick look at Smash words, no needed

Using Count Down Deals: This lesson could be so much more, Emeka shows you how to use a countdown deal but because it goes against the main strategy given to the students it could only end up confusing new students.

Best Practices

my self publishing blueprint - Best Practices

This section is for all the PDF files backing up some of the lessons.

Although he has them here he should also have put them in each of the relevant lessons for the students to access quickly.


Here’s what is covered:

Working With VA’s and Ranking Your Book: Give instructions on how to hire and do the review process with virtual assistants.

Email Lists: The 5 steps taught in the email marketing section in word format

Pricing Your Books: How much to price your book bundles and paperback books

Book Creation: The guidelines to follow when writing your book.

Bundle: Explains how to create your book bundles for scaling your business


make money kindle publishing


Is My Self Publishing Blueprint White Hat or Black Hat?

Although Emeka is striving to make the course 100% white hat he still teaches black hat strategies when you start publishing your first few books.

He does have strategies to make your business white hat in his accelerator program but he should have that option here too.

Many people try to dance around the subject of review swaps and make excuses for it because they just can’t find a solution or just don’t want to so they stick to old ways.

Until Emeka does solve this for his students his course will remain in the black hat category.


Who is My Self Publishing Blueprint For?

My Self Publishing Blueprint is for beginners and newbies who haven’t got a firm grasp of how to publish yet or someone looking for a clearer direction in their publishing business.

The course will give you a good foundation and a specific direction to follow.

Many of the questions you may need to ask will be answered by Emeka within the lessons or you can ask them in the Facebook group.

As the course states, it is there to help you earn your first $1000 from Kindle publishing. Which it has helped several students do just that.


Is It Worth The Cost?

With the price at $297, which compared to other Kindle publishing courses which are considerably higher, yes it is.

It provides everything you need to go from Kindle newbie to publishing your first book and scaling your business.

Although the low price point Emeka’s main aim is to get you on his monthly coaching program the accelerator program.

With many of his students fulfilling the $1000 aim, I would call it a good return on investment.


Private Facebook Group

The Facebook Group alone is worth the value of the course.

This community is full of life and consistently active with multiple different questions being answered.

Emeka is currently very active in the group, however, there are now some experienced publishers helping out the community of newbies that enter the group on a regular basis.

What I like about this group is the sharing mentality, people are consistently sharing knowledge and nuggets of information, there is no holding back.

my self publishing blueprint facebook group


Advanced Training

The course contains advanced strategies which will allow you to scale up your publishing business.

Below are the important basics of scaling your Kindle business to new heights which include:

  1. Keyword stacking.
  2. Bundling books.
  3. Price strategy for Create Space.
  4. Getting paid with ACX even if your not in the USA.
  5. Setting up your book on Create Space.



The course has now earned its stripes as a valuable self-publishing course.

There have been several success stories surpassing the $1000 mark which the course sets as the 1st goal.

But there have been two students who have shown the power of not only Emeka’s course but the thinking outside of the box.

  1. Jacob went on to earn $700 a day from one book using the niche and keyword research strategies taught within the course.
  2. Ollie earns $13,000+ a month from his publishing business thanx to the strategies plus applying his copywriting skills to his business.


More Testimonials

Here are some 2018 testimonials from students posted recently to the Facebook group.


Here are a few of the students having success

my self publishing blueprint - testimonial 3

my self publishing blueprint - testimonial 2

my self publishing blueprint - testimonial 1



He’s Still Actively Publishing

Many course instructors stop publishing once they’ve started their course. That leaves them in a vulnerable position as the strategies they’re currently teaching may become redundant.

What makes Emeka different is he’s currently still publishing books and finding new ways to improve his business, which he’s passing onto his students.


kindle publishing still active


What I Like

Emeka has laid out everything that will allow you to get to your first $1000 with Kindle publishing.

He has taken the best from the other courses and put it into an easy to consume, step by step manner while leaving very few questions to ask.

The course is updated when needed and with Emeka still actively publishing he is able to react to any changes that happen while being able to consistently find new proven publishing methods to improve his course.

Lastly, huge results from multiple students!

my self publishing blueprint start good


What I Don’t Like

The course misses some key quality issues when publishing books. I feel this is vitally important as you want to be putting out a quality product which will make you money long term.

Most of these I have already mentioned in the review above but I’ll go over them again.

Firstly I feel some lessons are rushed:

  1. Having a cover made on
    1. There is no analysis of gigs previous covers
    2. I feel that you should select at least 3 different gigs which will allow you to choose a cover which fits your book the best.
    3. Relying on one cover creator to create the cover you want is never the best strategy.
    4. REMEMBER, Your book cover is the first thing the customer sees on the Amazon search page.
  2. Publishing the book without checking it
    1. This is a big no-no. You should be checking what the book looks like before publishing. KDP converts the file to a mobi format before publishing and this can sometimes screw up the way the book looks.
  3. Description Creation
    1. He doesn’t show you how to write an effect book description, leaving new students a bit clueless.  However, you’re lucky as Double Your Kindle Profits does cover this in details

Emeka should have included the PDF’s in with the relevant lessons.

And lastly, the black hat tactics to boost up his books and get reviews. I feel this should not be a problem for him based on some of the interviews he has done which has identified strategies in which should be able to eliminate this process from his course.

my self publishing blueprint bad

My Self Publishing Blueprint Bonuses

I know how hard it is to start publishing on Kindle, and although the course goes into quite some detail you will always have questions on specific topics.

I am giving away 3 bonuses if you go through my link

  1. 30 Minutes Mentoring: Ask any question exclusively one on one with myself.
  2. 3 Profitable Kindle Niches: I will give you 3 niches can enter to start your Kindle business today with.
  3. Exclusive Kindle Discussion with Emeka Ossai: Never before seen strategies and tips that will make the difference to your Kindle business with myself and Emeka.
  4. Rapid Kindle Keyword Course: Create your Kindle niche quick and painlessly.


30 Minutes Mentoring

You will receive 30 minutes exclusive mentoring with me to ask any questions you have about publishing to help start and scale your Kindle business.


3 Profitable Niches

I will give you 3 book niches which have been personally vetted by myself and you can use straight away.


Exclusive Kindle Discussion with Emeka Ossai

The never before discussion between me and Emeka where we discuss:

  1. Titles
  2. Book Content
  3. Covers
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Reviews
  6. Black hat tactics
  7. White hat tactics
  8. and much more


Rapid Kindle Keyword Course

Discover how to create your Kindle niche quick and painlessly.

  1. Choose a niche (Select a niche to enter)
  2. Find keywords (How to find keywords really easily)
  3. Filter the keywords (Check keyword profitability and whether it’s worth pursuing)
  4. Create a customer persona (Find out who your customer is.)
  5. Find less competitive keywords (Find keywords which are a home run)
  6. Finalize your niche (Put everything together)


Claim Your Bonuses

To claim your exclusive bonuses visit My Self Publishing Blueprint through my link or go to

To claim your bonuses once you’ve purchased the course send an email to with a copy of your receipt and I’ll send the bonuses straight to you.


How Does It Compare To Other Kindle Publishing Courses?

The courses I will be ranking it against are My Self Publishing Revolution and K Money Mastery.

Both courses fall into publisher course category.

Much of this course mirrors the other courses however he has taken the best and implemented it in.


K Money Mastery vs My Self Publishing Blueprint

Compared to K Money Mastery, My Self Publishing Blueprint is a cut down lean version ready for 2018.

As everyone who has taken K Money Mastery knows, Stefan hasn’t changed the course in years. And although some of the strategies are still relevant many are useless and end up wasting your time.

I just feel K Money Mastery is outdated. Although some strategies still work, it is not the best course for 2018 and isn’t as compact and straightforward as My Self Publishing Blueprint.

With the price of $97 to get the basic course and then $67 recurring membership for the advanced lessons and Facebook group, this can become a pretty pricey course long term. I give my nod to My Self Publishing Blueprint.


My Self Publishing Revolution vs My Self Publishing Blueprint

Compared to My Self Publishing Revolution, My Self Publishing Blueprint are both at the same level but with a few differences.

Many of the techniques in Luca’s course are a trimmed down from K Money Mastery.  They’re ready to use strategies which have shown time and time again to have worked for multiple students.

Where Emeka’s course slightly shines over My Self Publishing Revolution is the Facebook group and Audible lessons.

Emeka Facebook group is a lot more active, with Emeka in there every day answering questions and posting new material you just get the sense of something which is alive.  As a new member, you feel welcome and no fear to ask any questions.

And added on is the new Audible lessons, these are in much more detailed in My Self Publishing Blueprint.

With the price of My Self Publishing Revolution now at $599, sometimes $499 with the $100 coupon codes, it begs the question is it worth the extra price compared to My Self Publishing Blueprint?

I feel no.

Although I have a strong bond with Luca due to him helping me turn around my Kindle business I’m here to give you the best course for 2018.  And despite the courses being literally the same, My Self Publishing Blueprint has two things which edge it out ahead:

  1. The Facebook group
  2. ACX Lessons


Final Thoughts

Take a breather!

Great stuff if you got here in one sitting.

Let me take a breather too…………..

I like what Emeka has built and it’s been amazing to see his progress, determination and grit over the last year building up My Self Publishing Blueprint.

I never thought I for one minute I would do a review of his course but here I am.

The course is great for beginners as not only does it allow you to go from newbie to confident self-publisher in a relatively short period of time but the community he has built around the course is fantastic.

You go into the Facebook group and feel like part of a club where everyone is there to help each other.

And although he is yet to remove the review swapping lessons from his course he has made it a short-term solution which then leads to getting reviews from your ARC Team (Advanced Review Team) with email marketing.

With testimonials and success stories constantly coming out of the course you can’t deny what it has achieved in such a short period of time.

I give My Self Publishing Blueprint my stamp of approval, I hope he reads this review and improves on the areas I mentioned above removing the one black hat tactic he has within his course and then I can give the course my full backing.

To get My Self Publishing Blueprint and all the bonuses visit

Bonuses again just in case you forgot

  1. 30 Minutes Mentoring: Ask any question exclusively one on one with myself.
  2. 3 Profitable Kindle Niches: I will give you 3 niches can enter to start your Kindle business today with.
  3. Exclusive Kindle Discussion with Emeka Ossai: Never before seen strategies and tips that will make the difference to your Kindle business with myself and Emeka.
  4. Rapid Kindle Keyword Course: Create a profitable niche quickly and easily


In this post, I do use affiliate links. These won’t cost you anything extra however it will let me know you value my content plus you get some amazing free gifts.


Thanx for reading.

Let me know your thoughts below.


  • 13/05/2018
  • Mike says:

    Wow, Love the review. I really appreciate the detail you’ve put into it.
    I’m thinking about getting the course now.

    If I purchase it next month do I still get the bonuses?

    • Michael says:

      First of all, thank you for reading the review, I put a lot of time and effort into it to make it the most detailed review online.
      And your welcome 🙂

      Yes, the bonuses are still there when you purchase next month.

  • Chris P says:

    Hi Michael!
    I ordered through your link and sent my receipt on the 11th but haven’t had a response yet. Can you check?

    Thanks! -Chris

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