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How I Nearly Killed a Major Interview

A few months ago I was set to interview Johnny FD, I was super excited, I had booked in the time and date and was ready to go, or so I thought.

I had made one huge error that I didn’t foresee, and this nearly lost me the opportunity to interview him.


Being excited and not doing my due diligence I thought I had the screen recording down using Screen o matic.  I already had done several tutorial videos and also interviewed Luca De Stefani so I was confident that I could interview Johnny with the same software, Oh how I was wrong!!


Interview Start

We started the skype call and I did a test, he started talking but I couldn’t hear him, I was confused at what was happening, this couldn’t come at a worse time, I was trying everything to rectify this but nothing seemed to work, 5 minutes Johnny waited patiently for me to fix the issue.  He then said we can book the following Tuesday so I could get my problem fixed.

I did some tests and it worked fine, what I didn’t realize was that my headphones had to be plugged into my Yeti microphone.  I thought perfect, everything will be good for the interview on Tuesday.


2nd Error

Tuesday came around and the call started, I could hear Johnny but his voice wasn’t coming up on the recording.  I started to panic, I knew that if this screwed this up I may lose him as an interviewee.  He said he wanted me to succeed and will give me an hour to sort this out.  I frantically searched for a Skype recorder online.  After 10 minutes of searching I found Evaer.  I checked reviews of the software, YouTube videos, they were all in good light of Evaer.

I brought it without a thought in the world, I rigorously tested it by creating an extra skype account and calling my other Skype account on my mobile phone.  I also called a friend to test it would record, it went well, I was ready!


3rd Try

I was very nervous, I knew that this was the last saloon, mess this up and it would be over!

I did the test, it came back good, so we started the interview.  Throughout the whole of the interview I always had the thought that something might go wrong, and I would have wasted both of our time.

The interview finished I waited for Evaer to save the file and started going through many different parts of the video.

The interview was a success and Evaer had done the job.  It is now the software I use to do all of my recordings via Skype whether it is for audio or video recording, it is great for both.

I now have it on auto-record so as soon as a Skype starts a call Evaer starts recording.  This is especially handy when I have mentoring sessions as I can ask as much as I want and instead of making notes, I can just have it record for me and go back through it later.


My Own Learning

When I give my free mentoring sessions for people who have brought through my affiliate link for or I record those sessions so I can see where I can improve as a mentor.  I don’t officially advertise as a mentor but if someone is interested they can ask.

Evaer has saved me and I highly recommend it, it has never let me down since I brought it.


What I Have Learned

This has taught me that I should always double and treble check things before I submit or do something whether important or not as it can effect me.  It could damage my reputation or lose me someone.

I always do pre-check for Skype interviews now and when I create an email with Aweber I precheck it or a landing page with LeadPages I always check everything is working, a small error can cost a lot

I feel that this has made me more knowledgeable and now will keep me in good stead for the future.

Check out the interview I did with johnny FD
An Interview with Johnny FD Location Independent Entrepreneur




If you’re interested in recording your skype conversations in video or audio check out


I hope you learned something new







  • 09/08/2016

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