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Password Security: How To Keep Your Password Safe While Working with Virtual Assistants

Recently I have started working with virtual assistants and I needed to give them access to my Amazon and Facebook accounts but I didn’t want to give away my password, that would be stupid and dangerous.  Imagine you get one virtual assistant who wants to do harm to your accounts they can change what they like and then you’ll be wasting your time changing everything back.


Even though the scenario of your new employee taking you account for a joy ride is rare it could happen and it is better to be safe than sorry, that’s the way I feel anyway.

When I was doing all of the work myself there was no need to share my password.  Now I want to grow my businesses and add more streams of income to my portfolio I have to build a team of people around me and my team needs access to my accounts.


How To Stay Safe?

The safety of your accounts is of the up most importance, I recommend always going with a freelancer site such as or  There are many freelancer sites out there and each one is different.  The reason why I like to use them is if the freelancer does not complete the work or does something to your account then your money is not lost.

I personally use, there are thousands of freelancers who work for themselves and use the platform for finding work.  When you start a job with Upwork you pay into Upwork’s escrow account, this shows you are ready at the same time the virtual assistant can not take the money until the work is completed and approved.  This keeps both parties safe and keeps you in the knowledge your money won’t go missing.

The second step is to use a password management system like LastPass.  you are able to give your virtual assistants access to your accounts without revealing your log in details.

I keep everything secure with LastPass and the set up is really easy and simple to use.  You log in, add a virtual assistant by email address giving them permission to a specific website or websites.  On your password is linked to your KDP account, Amazon main account and your Amazon marketing services account.   I only want to give access to my KDP and marketing account and I don’t want them going on having a spending spree so I make sure the specific username and password is only linked to the KDP and marketing accounts.


How To Use Last Pass

LastPass is really easy to use and comes with several features; Chrome Addon, Automatic Log in Prompt, Security challenge.

Chrome Add-on

The chrome add-on stays in your bookmark bar ready for you to click and gain all the vital information from your account without having to log into the website, making things easy and simple.  You can click on sites and it will automatically log you into whichever site you click on, this works the same for your virtual assistants you have given your log in details to.

Last Pass does have other features in the Chrome addon but I don’t feel they are relevant to this post.



Automatic Log-In Prompt

The automatic log-in prompt detects when you have successfully logged into a new website successfully and asks you whether you would like the save the site, this is great as you don’t have to do this manually. I like the simplicity of it.


If you decide to save you will be taken to a page where your log in details will automatically be added to the Username and Password boxes and you can save all of your log in details.  I have removed the Username and password for this picture but the software auto populates it with the details you put in.




When you are starting out you should start to organize from the start, this will save you time and energy in the future from having to manually organize each log-in into a specific folder.



Allow Access

The main feature for keeping your log-in details secure is sharing the details.  To do this you just click on the share button, type in their email, and click share.  Once they accept they will be able to access the site you have shared with them.  If you don’t want to give them access any more deleting them is easy, just clicking on the trash can and this will delete them from being able to access the websites with your log in details.



Test your Passwords

If you’re unsure of the strength of your password or your are sure you should test its strength, this will be able to reassure you.  You can do this with the Security Challenge.  This will test the strength of your password and tell you what you need to improve on it.

I always use strong passwords which I feel are hard to break, I create a story which I will use the first letter of each word as a password, For Example: Today 29/10 I Went To The Market And Had 57 Bread = T29/10IWTTMAH57B.  Now tell me if you can remember the story and do you think someone could crack that password, I think it is very difficult.

After accessing all of my passwords I came up with a high score, looks like I have to improve some of my passwords, this again will allow you to see whether you need to upgrade your passwords.


How To Safe Guard Your Passwords Whilst Working With Virtual Assistants

My Final Thoughts

Whether you have a team already or are just starting out, you need to be taking care of your passwords and a password management system allows you to do just that.  Before I went with Last Pass I tried a few other password management systems and I found them a little more difficult to use, Last Pass allows me to easily create, share and delete passwords with a few clicks.

My ultimate aim is to run everything from my mobile phone and their mobile app allows me to do everything the desktop does, so that is a plus.  I am one step closer to leaving my laptop and just be mobile.


I hope this was helpful






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  • 11/11/2016

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