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How To Easily Save Articles For Offline Future Use

Keeping everything organized is so important nowadays, with so much information out there a once beloved article that you were hoping to read again can be gone from existence forever.  However, there is a solution to all of this, with a simple saving platform which saves all of your articles and web pages for your offline use.  Not only allowing you to save internet data but also gives you something to read when you are traveling and want to save battery, yes your phone loses battery when you use the mobile data.




The software is called Pocket, its title is pretty ingenious as it is what the name says, find something and put it in your pocket for future use.


How Does it work

Pocket is a cloud based software which saves a web pages information for future use via chrome, mac or mobile, you simply install the app and get going.
When you find an article which you like you just click on the pocket icon and it saves the article for offline use or on mobile you share the article and choose Pocket.



I would say this is key to how I use the app, I have articles on many subjects and without the ability to organize it all, the data would be a huge mess.  On the desktop version you can tag the article into the relevant categories straight from the chrome add-on so it is organized straight away, on the mobile version you share the article and tag it into a relevant tag.  If your not happy with where you saved it you can go back into the app to organize.


Why I like it?

I have always looked for an app which can help me organize my things and Pocket has helped me do just that, when doing research I am able to save relevant articles for future reference and reading.  All my useful information is stored in one place which to me is perfect as I don’t have to jump from one website to the next.  I could bookmark it all in chrome but then it starts to get messy, Pocket allows me to keep everything organized and with a few clicks I can find what I need or if I am on the go I can just open up the app and get in some good reading for future projects.


Should You Get It?

Yes, I would recommend you getting the app, it’s free and will save you time in whatever you are doing.


Final Thoughts

We’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier, and software and apps are helping to make once time-consuming tasks become something which we don’t have to think about any more as it is done with a few presses or mouse clicks.
Hope you go forward and get Pocket and save yourself a lot of time
  • 23/12/2016

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