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Publishing Email Success Review

Publishing Email Success Review (Will It Give You Email Success With Kindle Publishing)


Many Kindle publishers I know have been struggling to implement email marketing into their business for a long time.

It’s like they just don’t know how to do it effectively or just too lazy to change from the method they have learned.  You can probably relate to this.

If you’re like me your only options to rank your book is doing review swaps and hope that a lot of people download your book.

That way you will get boosted up the rankings.  Right.

This method still does work but it won’t be long before it becomes another Black Hat technique which will become obsolete.  Remember Amazon is not dumb and once it works out exactly who is doing this a lot of accounts are going to get banned.

I feel now is the time to evolve and do things the right way, gain those extra sales, eliminate review swaps and be safe in the mind that when you go to sleep you will have a passive income which you can rely on.


What is Email Publishing Success?

Email Publishing Success is an email marketing course specifically designed for Kindle publishers.  Relying on Amazon for all of your traffic can be fatal!

What if you book sinks down the ranking, or is in a competitive niche which is hard to get ranked for?

Email marketing will give you an alternative traffic source allowing you to sell more books, just for starters.

One of the biggest problems with the majority of Kindle publishing courses is that they have a module on how to build an email list, but not how to use it effectively.

Every single course I took was a hope to learn something about email marketing but the course creators didn’t want to show me how or just didn’t know how.

You know how it is, they will show you how to set up an email auto-responder, build a list and landing page.

And You’re done!

You’re probably thinking, “Huh, what do I do next?”  Feeling clueless you now have two software’s (Email service provider & Landing page software) costing you money every month and you don’t have a clue how to use them effectively.

You make a feeble attempt to do an autoresponder, hoping it will work, but it isn’t working the way you want it too 🙁

If you’re like me, you think you’re doing the right thing.  But in reality, at the back of your mind, you know you need help! And you’re crying out for it!!

You probably felt this.

Yes, I know your pain, that’s where Email Publishing Success come into it’s prime.

Publishing Email Success is unique in that it is the only course on the market which teaches you how to do email marketing effectively for Kindle publishing.

If you’re worried because email marketing seems daunting you’re in luck, Marta has broken the complex parts of Email marketing and made it simple.

Even me, the guy who over thinks everything too much, now understand how to do email marketing effectively.

Best of all, I now understand how to use email marketing outside of Kindle publishing too!


What You Can Do With An Email List

As people say the money is in the list, and this is no different for Kindle publishing.

With an email list, you have just created yourself increased leverage as a publisher.  While many publishers just relying on Amazon for all of their traffic, very few know how to use outside traffic sources effectively, one of them being an email marketing.

With an email list you can:

  1. Launch a book by telling your list about it, instant traffic and rankings boost
  2. Create raving fans, by nurturing your list correctly you can create raving fans who will go and buy your book and leave organic reviews with no thoughts at all
  3. Get reviews, on launch, you can ask your list to leave reviews for your new book which will boost it up the Amazon rankings
  4. Not have to rely on Blackhat tactics: Review swaps, buying swaps
  5. Make more sales: You can sell more books to people who sign up to your email list, books which they may have missed originally
  6. Eliminate Guesswork
    1. Ask your list what they want in your next book – They create your outline
    2. Pick The Right Cover – Ask you list which cover they prefer


    Prices and What Will You Learn


    Marta Magdalena’s Email Publishing Success will only cost you $99 soon to be $149.  This is a one-time fee, which I feel is undervaluing the content taught as this could literally change your publishing business.

    There are 40 lessons in this course, once finished you will have a good grasp of email marketing for Kindle publishing.  Setting you on your way for success.

    I want to go over some of the main points you will learn:

    1. Mindset behind email marketing
    2. How to create a reader avatar
    3. What to do with your subscribers once they’re on your list
    4. What to put in your welcome message
    5. What to write in your autoresponder
    6. How to increase sales of your Kindle, paperback and audio books
    7. How to get sales in the United Kingdom
    8. How to gain more subscribers
    9. How to contact influencers and make it a win-win
    10. How to get reviews for your new and old books
    11. And much more

    This is one of the most concise, comprehensive course available now


    What’s Inside The Course


    Is Publishing Email Success For You?

    • Do you feel you are missing out on sales?
    • Are you confused by Email marketing?
    • Are you tired of relying on VA’s for your reviews?
    • Do you want to take your publishing business to the next level?


    YES! Then the Publishing Email Success course is for you


    What I Liked about Email Publishing Success

    • Easy to understand and follow, and by following the theory you can create your own campaigns
    • It makes you think how you can create your own email marketing campaign
    • Templates are provided
    • This is an undervalued resource for all Kindle publishers
    • There are no other email marketing course for Non-Fiction Kindle publishers
    • Marta answers questions asked under the lessons quickly

    What I Didn’t Like about Email Publishing Success

    • There is no Backup description provided on some videos.  This is important as some students like to watch the video and read to back up the points in the video.
    • No after lesson call to actions, this is dependent on the student learning style but I feel this could have made the course a lot better.
    • Not for people looking for a shortcut.
    • There is no Facebook group or forum.

    Publishing Email Success Bonuses

    I want to give you something special, as a way of saying thank you for going through my link I would like to give away two bonuses.

    #Bonus 1 – How To Hire High-Quality Freelancers

    This course will teach you how to hire the best freelancers for the best price on UpWork.


    #Bonus 2 – Amazon Ads Basics

    I will teach you how to start Amazon ads successfully by finding keyword, optimizing ads and how to start sales for a dieing book.


    Final Thoughts on Email Publishing Success

    I feel Marta has a done a fantastic job, it is concise and straight to the point.

    Some of the material you will feel it is too advanced but after watching it a few times you will start to understand the meaning behind what she is talking about.

    She has created an invaluable resource which I hope every publisher uses.

    You were probably using review swaps because you didn’t know any other way to gain reviews, Marta has solved this problem now, not only that but you can now build a following and create extra sales for your book.

    As a publisher I gave up on Kindle because I just couldn’t work out the email marketing side, now I have a way to capitalise on this.

    I like to think of my publishing business as something that will make me money long term and by taking the right steps now will ensure that I have a business which can give me that success.

    The added benefit is that by using email marketing in the right way you can gain extra sales for your Kindle, paperback and audio books.

    As a publisher, you always want to get ahead of your competition and using email marketing will allow you to do that over people who are not using it.

    So are you going to give it a try?  What do you have to lose?

    Marta offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if her method does not work out for you

    Here is the website >><< to give the course a chance, don’t forget to click on my link to get your free bonuses.’


    If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more, have a question or just say hi, please leave a comment below.

    Warm Regards


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  • 14/06/2017

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