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To help you all I have put together a list of all the tools I personally use and what they are used for.

When your starting up your own business doing everything yourself can be difficult, but by using certain tools it can make your life and running your business a whole lot easier.

​Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, I will earn a commission (no additional cost to you) if you click on the link and purchase the product.

All ​the products below I have personally used and they have worked for me.  I believe in these products 100% and only promote them because they worked and will help you, not because of the small commission I receive.  I only ask that if you are going to use these services anyway, to please use my links so i can get credit for the re referral.  I sincerely appreciate your support for

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Below are my personal recommendations


These courses have helped me to create the bulk of the income I earn every month into passive income models

Kindle Publishing Course


Self Publishing Revolution

This Kindle course helped me take my business to the next level from $600 to over $2000 in just a few months.

It is the best Kindle course you will find on the market.

As a Bonus if you Buy through my affiliate link i will give you 30 minutes free mentoring! WORTH $100

Click here to get Lifetime access

Start & Monetize Your Blog Course

Income Boss

Income Boss version 1.0 Earnest affiliate has allowed me to earn $1000 a month consistently from my blog

Version 2.0 Income Boss has shown me new tricks on how to scale up my blog and using these methods including email marketing and writing posts which people will be looking for I'm confident I can raise my affiliate income up.

This is a proven system as you can see with my blog

Buy through my affiliate link and I will give you 30 minutes free mentoring

Email Marketing For Kindle


Publishing Email Success

This course is a concise guide showing you how to use email marketing in your Kindle business to increase sales, gain organic review and no longer have to rely on review swaps.

Advertise Your Kindle Book on Amazon

Amazon Advertisement For Books

Dave Chesson's free AMS course will show you how to advertise your Kindle books on the Amazon platform.

This free course will get your started and show you exactly what you need from research all the way to checking whether your ad is working or not.

Highly recommend for increasing your Kindle royalties

​Outsource Your Kindle Business


​Kindle Autopilot

This course will show you the exact steps to outsourcing your Kindle publishing business.  The course is for everyone, from newbie publishers to experienced publishers

Here is a review I did of the course - Kindle Auto Pilot Review: Automating Your Kindle Business​.

When you purchase Kindle AutoPilot through my link I will give you​:

  1. ​My virtual assistant process road map
  2. The Fiverr gig I use to create my covers
  3. The Fiverr gig I use to convert my books to Createspace PDF format

If you purchase Kindle AutoPilot and Self Publishing Revolution Kindle Course through my links I will give you 45 minutes free mentoring (WORTH $150)

Kindle Software

KDSPY Kindle Spy Software Amazon


This is the number one Kindle search software that every Kindle publishers uses to find their next profitable niche.  Kindle Spy will 10x your Kindle research!  You can check the profitability of a keyword in seconds not only that but you can also check whether a category is profitable too.

My article will go through more questions you have and show you how to find profitable keywords, check it out here.

Website Theme


Thrive Themes

I enjoy using thrive themes, they not only allow me to customize my site exactly how I want but the page speeds I get from using their theme are amazing.

Email Marketing & Landing Pages


Get Response

I used to use Aweber as my email autoresponder when I first started email marketing, they're a good service and work well, but I wanted an segmentation feature to help make my emails more customizable to my customers.

I consistently asked them but they never changed, I decided to switch to Get Response for this one feature and I am glad I did.

The segmentation feature is amazing and you can customize your automation sequence exactly to how you want based on the subscribers actions.


Thrive Leads

Thrive leads was one of the best decisions I made, I am now able to create beautiful op-tins that are super customizable to my needs. 


Thrive Landing Pages

I was sick of paying huge amounts of money for landing pages, I knew there had to be an alternative that was more cost efficient.

Finding Thrive Architect (formerly known as Thrive Landing Pages) did just that.  You can use it for nearly everything on your WordPress site: landing pages, sales pages, blog posts.  I used it to create this page.  This has to be one of my favourite tools I use

 I am now creating beautiful landing pages with only a one time cost, saving hundreds of $$ a year

​Hosting & Domain Names


Siteground is one of the top rated hosting companies in the world.

I had been using Hostgator for the last few years, however whenever I got a problem I was waiting 30 minutes minimum to speak with someone and I was feeling that they really didn’t value me as a customer. I have been using Siteground for the last few months and I am amazed at how quickly their customer service is. Normally I am put through to someone on live chat within 30 seconds, longest has been 2 minutes.​

By signing up through my link for hosting you receive up to 60% off and a free domain name. Siteground are constantly updating WordPress which helps with keeping your software up to date for the latest security threats.​

Whether your starting your own blog, a website, a squeeze page or an online store you will need a domain name. After using many different services I buy all my domains from Name cheap​

I use Name Cheap for all of my domain names as I prefer to keep all my domains in one place and the value I receive is worth every penny . Name Cheap gives you free Whois Guard for the first year, and has an amazing service. Whois Guard protects you email from a crazy amount of spam you will receive if you didn’t have it. Linking your WordPress site, setting up domain, email forwarding, or using any of the many other services offered by Name Cheap is very simple too.

​There customer support is outstanding, whenever I have a problem I don’t understand I go to them on live chat and they find a solution.

Online Storage



Dropbox is a cloud storage service where you can store your files.  I use this mainly to store my lead magnets and deliver my free bonuses for my new subscribers.

Let's say for example I want to send multiple people my new PDF book, all I have to do is send them the link and job done!

The best thing about this is they give you 5GB Free which is more than enough to get you started




Alot of my business I now outsource as I prefer to concentrate on the most important tasks within my business.

I use UpWork as the main platform for finding my staff ​



When I need small tasks done within my business I outsource them, I recently used Fiverr to create my logo, I was quickly able to find 5 people to do different designs and I could select the best one I liked.




Organizing my team can sometimes be a nightmare, by using Trello i have been able to keep my team working like clockwork even without my input



Using evernote I have been able to easily make and keep notes, whether I am on my computer or phone.

Which ever device I type it on I can keep notes and update anywhere I want


To Do Ist

To Do Ist has revolutionised the way I run my day, I can note everything I need to do for the day into it and do those tasks based on the time of day.

I have felt my productivity sky rocket with this app.​



Grammarly has been and will always be a life and time saver.  I use grammarly to edit and proofread all of my blog posts, Kindle books and other documents as well as my emails.

There is a paid version but the free version is more than enough to help you with all of your grammar needs.  Check out a demo here.

International Calling



Skype has allowed me to make calls worldwide without the worry of high costs.

I am able to receive calls with my UK & USA number which goes straight through to my phone in Thailand​

Audible Books

Audio Books

I love listening to audio books as I find it really hard to read.

As a bonus Audible are giving 2 free audio books when you sign up through this link!

​Other Equipment I Use

Blue Yeti Microphone

Yeti Microphone

The Yeti is one of the best microphones on the market and has made my audio on my videos crystal clear.​

Logitech C310 Webcam

Logitech C310 Webcam

This webcam is HD 720p which make all videos on myself crystal clear.


Screen O Matic

Screen recording has become ten times easier.  This software is how I has made recording my how to videos, interviews and everything involving my screen easy.