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8 Steps To Regaining Your Productivity Flow

Do you ever become stuck while you are working and you seem to stay in that state for minutes or even hours and are unable to progress?  I know the feeling, it has happened to me several times and after speaking with many other entrepreneurs I have found out it is not just a problem that I encounter but multiple people too.


I want to address this issue, how I overcame my productivity block and moved forward with what I was doing regaining the same level of productivity I had as before.  My hope is that you can do the same.

Let me know if this sounds similar.  You’re sitting at your desk and suddenly you can not process what to do next, your brain has literally stopped giving you the ability to think.  Whatever you do you will feel like you are stuck and have no way to restart the process again.  You will then try going onto other tasks which will restart you at 0 in your productivity cycle because your brain is still in overload mode.


I feel you, you’re not alone.   There are 8 simple ways I have used to regain my productivity after this has happened



This may seem counterintuitive to making progression but if you are working and not making progress, what actual progress are you making?  Absolutely none!  Stopping will allow you to move away from the work you are doing and start to realise what the cause of your problems are.


2) Relax

The simple reason for your halt in work is mainly down to your brain being overworked.  You need to relax your brain.  Taxing your brain for too long will over work it.  It is the same as revving an engine over the red bar for a consistent amount of time, it is eventually going to explode or break.  This is exactly the same as your brain.  Work it hard for a long time and it will stop working at maximum efficiency.


3) Take A Step back

You now need to imagine this from an outside perspective.  You have to take yourself out from your own mind and image this is someone else’s work, this will allow you to focus on what you need to do and what is holding you back.


4) Question What You Need To Do

You need to do this and it is high on my list to figuring out what is wrong.


You need to ask yourself what problem are you currently facing and how can you solve it?
Look at each task individually and create questions for them, you need to question yourself and find out exactly what is causing the block in your thinking.  By doing this you will be able to create the specific questions which will allow you to understand where you are going wrong.


5) How To Solve That Question

Now is the time to look at those questions and answer them.
You will be creating the answer to the problems you have, allowing you to move on from the mind block.

steps to become highly productive 1


6) List The Tasks

Just like when you go shopping you have a list, this allows you to know exactly what you need to buy without going in aimlessly.  This applies exactly the same with your work.  You need to create a list tasks so you know which direction you are going in.


I like to create two types of tasks


Evernote allows me to list all of the tasks that are being done and then some future tasks that will be done afterwards, for example:
  • Proofreading being done
    • Check the proofreader’s work
    • Send the Book to be formatted
      • Check the formatting
      • Upload the book to KDP and CreateSpace
As you can see currently in this books progress, it is being proofread.  When the book has been proofread I will check it and then send the book to be formatted in the same motion, and the same in the next drop down.  After a task has been completed the task above is deleted and the rest are moved up, for example:
  • Send the Book to be formatted
    • Check the formatting
    • Upload the book to KDP and CreateSpace
      • Start Promotion


This allows me to see what is being done and what tasks are to be done afterwards.  I usually only have a few tasks afterwards as too many in a list will overwhelm me.
ToDoIst allows me to create a schedule and list all of the tasks that need to be done in a day.
You can take the tasks you have written down and input them here so you have a list to do for the day, for example:
  • 8am: send book 1 to writer
  • 8:10am: check proofreading on book 2
  • 8:30am: Plan out future niche/


This is just an example so you get the idea but once you have completed a task you just click the box and it disappears, leaving the next task for you to do.


todoist check list


I personally organise my to do list in the morning so it is all ready for the day ahead.  I make sure all tasks together are related, so I won’t jump from my blog to Kindle tasks and then back to my blog, I will try and get all the blog tasks done in one go.  If I am hiring I will set a specific time twice a day to look at the hires.


7) Relax

Your brain might be a little bit fried now after trying to work out what to do, so it is good to take a quick 10 minute break to re-juice your brain.


8) Restart Work

Everything should now be laid out for you to take the right direction.  This will make your work day a lot quicker and more productive.
Planning your day out with tools makes things so much easier, you will feel yourself flying through your work.  I highly recommend both ToDoIst and Evernote, both are free for the basic versions and will do a world of good for you.


Changing Location

As I have freedom of where I work I like to change location based on what I am doing.  This can really effect the quality of my work, for example, now I am lying on my sofa writing this post, I prefer not to sit upright at a desk, I like my laptop on my lap.
When I am shooting videos and doing more business orientated work I prefer to be at a desk as it changes my mood.


I feel staying in one location too long can also affect your work, so if you have to plan something, go to a different place to write out those notes, even if you work in an office it can greatly affect your work if you get out the pen and paper and go to the window to write, it just does something for you.


I hope after reading this you implement the steps and see changes in your own productivity.


If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more, have a question or just say hi, please leave a comment below.

Warm Regards



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  • 15/04/2017

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