Revelavi Review: Will it help skyrocket your income or should you avoid it?

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Revelavi Review: Will It Help It Help Skyrocket Your Income?

In this Revelavi review I will be looking at every inch of the course and identifying if the course is in fact your knight in shining armour or in fact a danger you should avoid.

Revelavi is one of the newest course to come to the self publishing community but it isn’t just another self publishing course which shows you how to publish a book from A-Z. If your looking for that go after My Self Publishing Blueprint.

No, this is one of those courses that has the potential to skyrocket your book sales into the stratosphere if you do things right.


If you prefer to watch the video review, here it is.


What Type of Course is This?

Revelavi is a complementary publishing course for any publisher who already has experience publishing books and using AMS Ads.

Its main aim is to skyrocket your publishing income using specific strategies to dominate keywords.


Where Does Revelavi Come From?

Revelavi has long been coming, we just didn’t know what to call it till Jacob Rothenberg decided to reveal his secrets to the world.

Jacob who has been publishing for two years has gained a knack for finding the most unusual keywords and earning money with them time and time again.

His first claim to fame was for the keyword ‘Fidget Spinners’ which earned him $1200+ in one month alone from just one book.

revelavi fidget spinners book

And then he followed that up with ‘Yo Yo tricks’ which at its height was earning him $2350+ in one month!

The number alone isn’t impressive, it’s the fact he did that with just one 60 page book which only cost him $300 to make.


revelavi yoyo tricks book


But he didn’t stop there! More recently he has published books on Fortnite, and despite publicly revealing that keyword, which brought in more competition, he was still able to earn $4038.56, while remaining one of the top earners for that keyword.

BTW, the keyword is still bringing him consistent sales.


Well, you’ll find that out later in this review.

revelavi book income


What’s This Course All About?

Well first and foremost let’s translate that unusual name.  If you’re already well spoken in Latin it won’t be that strange to you, but for us non-Latin speakers it means Reveal.

Jacob wanted a special name for his special course and here it is.

He wants to reveal a game-changing strategy to you.

But what is Revelavi all about?

As said, it isn’t your typical self publishing course, it’s for those people who already have a few books published, already have the basics principles of publishing established and want to skyrocket their income to new heights.

This isn’t through organic search, it’s using a specific strategy to kill all of your competition so they basically give up and stop competing with you.

Let’s break down the course.

It’s made up of three modules:

  1. Initium: Introduction
  2. Casus Belli: A declaration of war
  3. Tri-Force: His ultimate strategy

It’s important to not skip ahead, as each module helps you understand how the next stage works, giving you the power to implement Tri-Force successfully.



Initium or the introduction is giving you the foundations to the what you need to successfully implement Tri-Force.

It all starts with knowing exactly what your reader wants and creating a quality book just for them. That is easier said than done. You can’t just produce a book and hope for the best, you have to do your prior background research to know exactly why they want to buy your book.

Jacob goes over this in great detail and by the end of it, you will have an understanding of exactly how to do this.

revelavi initium


Welcome! Course Overview

You are given an over of the whole course and what you will be learning within the course


The Keys To Becoming a Successful Self Publisher In 2019 (And Beyond!)

Jacob takes you through a deeper look of what will separate you from earning just $1,000 per month to $10,000 per month consistently month after month instead of a quick spurt of income for a few months with your books before they die off.

On top of that, he gives you guidance to exactly what you need to do with your books to achieve higher amounts of income and where you should really focus your efforts on when publishing your next book.


My Strategy of Dominating Keywords – An Overview

Jacobs strategy is quite simple. It relies on everything that we already know as publishers, from selecting a profitable keyword with very few to no authority figures and then looking for an angle which differs from the competition, making your book the one that people are drawn to.

But it’s what he does next with AMS that is unique and sets this strategy apart. By using this AMS strategy it will give your books instant visibility at the top of the keyword helping you generate sales from the get-go while also being a litmus test for your books appeal and quality.


The Best Keywords – What To Research & Select

Jacob covers the types of keywords you should be selected to earn long-term royalties from his strategies. This includes the BSR (Best Seller Rank), which platform you should favor and the number of books you can publish using one keyword.


The #1 Weapon of Choice For Publishers in Competitive Niches

Jacob lays out exactly what it is that he, his peers and his students do to enter competitive niches and make a considerable amount of money.

This is not just a mention of using AMS ads but the strategy and specific things you need to apply to use this strategy correctly, as without it you will be left wondering why your ads aren’t performing as profitably as they should be.


Keyword Example #1 + #2

Jacob goes over two competitive keyword examples and talks through how certain books are able to compete using AMS Ads and why it is probably not a good idea to go after these specific keywords.

Despite them being competitive he explains how they can be improved, why certain books are making money and how you could compete for one of these keywords using lessons from The Elite Keyword Mastermind.

I do understand why he chose these two keywords.  If he had given less competitive keywords which were easy to compete in everyone would publish books for that keyword, hence, it would become extremely competitive but instead, he wants you to start thinking for yourself.

After watching these lessons it will start to solidify what you’ve already learned and help you further understand the reasoning behind what has been taught so far.


Casus Belli (A Declaration of war!)

revelavi casus belli

Re-evaluate Your Keyword

This is a vital lesson to the future progress of your books and whether they will succeed or fail. Yes, he is telling to reassess your keyword to see if they follow everything that has been covered so far. If it fails the criteria you must find a new keyword as there could be a high chance that it could fail and you’ll lose money.


Setting Up You Book – Criteria To Asses Versus Your Competition

Jacob should rename this lesson, ‘Setting Up Your Book For success’ as these are more things you must do to make sure your book is a success from the start. This is less about being unique and more about making sure you have a quality product.

He outlines exactly what you need to do to make sure everything is of the highest quality before you move forward.


Advertising By Amazon – What To Do

This is not an ordinary advertising by Amazon set up video, it does show you the basics but with Jacobs added twist of what he does when he starts an AMS ad, to make sure it will make sales from the start. However, this is only if you’ve followed the criteria laid out so far.


The Aftermath – What To Monitor For

When running AMS ads you will encounter many different scenarios whether the ad is profitable, unprofitable or break even, and you will need to know what to do based on the situation.

You might see an ad you think is losing money but you just haven’t been running it long enough, or you might think an ad is making money when in fact it’s losing you money. These are all things you need to take into consideration. But what is most important is knowing whether to stop it, keep it running, change the budget or maybe apply something else.

With his own ads, Jacob is able to show exactly what he did in 5 different scenarios, giving you specific directions on what to do despite what you may encounter. This assessment allows you to start thinking for yourself while having that small helping hand by the side.

But lastly, you’ll need to know how to budget properly, because there’s nothing worse than having an ad which is performing extremely well and then you run out of money mean you have to stop it, Jacob gives you a simple solution for this too.


What To Do If Your Book Slows Down in Sales

It’s time to discover why that pesky book stopped selling and rectify it. It could be for an array of answers and fortunately, you’re covered here. You’re given an overview of how to manage your campaigns and how to deal with a book which stops selling.

When this happens Jacobs says it could be for a multitude of reasons and you just need to check every one of them as it will just take a small change to make your campaign profitable again or in fact it may just be a dead campaign that you need to start over again


The End Game

The first part of your competitions quick and painless death comes to a close, which now opens you up to the next and more exciting phase.

By this point, you should be dominating your chosen keyword having your competition in a state of confusion to why they can’t compete. But you’ve only just got started!

Now Jacob will show you how to ramp it up and make their books starve to death with one final swing of your publishing sword to kill them off completely using…….TRI-FORCE!


Tri Force

Everything has been leading up to this moment and if you think Casus Belli was good that was only the start!

Tri-Force is the final piece of the resistance which will systematically destroy your competition, take food off their table and make them crawl into a corner and cry for the next two weeks!

This is no joke! Jacobs main book, which is in a highly competitive niche it earned him over $4000 last month alone. Due to the competitiveness of the keyword, without implementing this strategy he would have earned a pittance of what he did or nothing at all.

So, what is Tri-Force?

revelavi triforce


Strategy Spotlight

Are you ready for your latest aha moment?

It’s right here!

Jacob introduces the final stage of your books alignment for total domination where you will have that aha moment for your publishing business or at least I did.

What’s crazy about this is it’s just so simple yet effective and you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t invent it yourself.

As with all great strategies, there’s always a back story and Jacob tells you how Tri-Force came to be.

It rose from a competition between himself and his friend, the one publishing guy we all know. While they were competing Jacob had gained pole position but he knew he had to kill off his friends book off to ultimately dominate that keyword! By the time Jacob had finished, his friend had no choice but to quit!

To go on Jacob tells you how this strategy changed his income and how it has allowed him to consistently earn daily royalties after implementing it correctly.


Understanding Buyer Psychology

Click, click, another aha moment is about to happen! When you realize how the buyer is thinking when they’re shopping for books on Amazon you will understand that by having your books at the top is going to make your book the most likely purchase for them if not the only one they will buy.

understand buyer psychology

Requirement For This Strategy

Jacob becomes pretty stern and serious here, where he outlines everything you must and must not do to make sure the Tri-Force strategy is 100% effective for your books.


Setup #1 – Option Close With 2 Books

Jacobs option close is when you only have 2 books, this is the pre-stage of Tri force which you’ll just be using two books. He uses a previous example to highlight his point.


How To Set Up The Close Option

With this involving two books, it’s understandable that you need to know what types of books you should be putting out to cover your basis to make this work effectively, and Jacob does just that Laying out what you need to do with your first and second book to have success and gain more sales.


Setup #2 – The Triforce (3 Book Rotation)

This is a quick explanation of how Tri-Force works and how to start totally dominating a keyword with your books and shut out your competition for good.


How To Set Up Triforce

Now we’re getting close to the end and what we could call the final piece to the Tri-Force puzzle in which he covers how to quickly get a 3rd book made for next to no money, which book you should rank first, second and third, and how each book will perform. But added on Jacob reveals that Tri-Force may not be necessary depending on your keyword.


The Grand Fanale

In this final lesson, Jacob sets you up for success, leaving you with the right mindset of how to apply everything to successfully to have books sell long term. His rinse and repeat system will allow you to produce fewer books in fewer keywords than your average publishing course and still have success.

To sweeten the deal he gives you a final video checklist to give you the best chance of success of implementing the system making sure everything runs smoothly. It is more of an overview of what you’ve already learned instead of a fresh lesson.


Why You Should Buy Revelavi?

  1. Increase Sales: This will instantly increase the sales of your books.
  2. Step By Step System: Haven’t got time to waste learn by yourself and need an expert to guide the way.
  3. Understand Buyer Psychology: Know what a customer wants to create books just for them.


Why You Shouldn’t Buy Revelavi

  1. Lazy: While this can give you instant sales it is an automatic factor of having overall profitability, you do have to put in the work, and if your unwilling to do that I wouldn’t buy the course as your ad spent will cost you more than you make.
  2. Bad Quality Books: This may work for a short time for bad quality books, but eventually sales will die off and you will lose money
  3. New To Publishing: The information will overwhelm you, get My Self Publishing Blueprint to give you the basics
    Haven’t Published a Book: You can’t implement it if you don’t have a book


Student Success

Any course can come with big claims, but the number one thing to show the system works is students success. And Revelavi despite being quite a new course has some success stories already.

Even though this hasn’t come directly from the course and more from Jacobs coaching this is still the same principles taught in the course.

Here are a few results that have happened

Garry Granger since this picture has gone onto earn $6,000+ a month from publishing.

revelavi student testimonial 6


Alex Jordan started having sucess after working with Jacob.

revelavi student testimonial 2

And now he’s closing in on $600 a day

kindle publishing income


What Are Students Saying About The Course?

Since the first days of the course launch students have been raving, these are not new publishers, these are people with’s what they had to say.

revelavi student testimonial 1

revelavi student testimonial 4

revelavi student testimonial 3

revelavi student testimonial 5


revelavi student testimonial 7


A Stark Warning!!

If you think this course is your magic bullet to success I would think again!

I tried using this for 2 of my books and I set the budget to $25 a day but I got a stark warning that this strategy would not work for any old book.

The reason why this one failed is someone was already doing what is advertised in this course, and if you compete against a well-established publisher who knows what they’re doing you will lose.

The reason why I cut it was despite getting sales, for the $200 I spend I only made $25 in royalties.

I have now reassessed and will be using this on some new books.

Despite this, I still see this as a very viable strategy as it has worked for not only Jacob but his students too.  I just have to find an even ground.


Is It Worth The Cost?

What you have to work out is if you want to invest in your business and grow publishing muscles.

Not only will it help you not only get and apply methods which will help you get instant results if your current books follow the criteria.

With the price at $297.

It’s currently a steal!

With what you can potentially make from the information in this course you would be mad not to grab it at this price. Yes, Jacob will be raising the price as he gets more sales.

The way I would think of this one is if you want to wait around and apply your same old principles and get the same results to keep going the way you are but if you want some new results, grab this.

Trying the same thing and getting the same bad results is the meaning of insanity.

Instead of starting your publishing career slow and taking a few months to hit a thousand dollars you can speed up the process with a proven method.

revelavi pricing 2019


What I Like

The course did give me some joy and there are a few things I like about it.

  1. The Aha moment: I always like having realizations within my business and this course gave me one of them.
  2. Anyone can apply it and have results: His students are already having results
  3. Teaching style: Jacob has done himself proud laying out the course in an easy to follow, step by step way.
  4. Access to more “saturated” keywords: You will now have the ability to compete in more saturated keywords that everyone says not to publish in.
  5. Develop long-term Sustainable income: You can create a brand which will earn you money for years to come.


What I Don’t Like

I’m sorry but the course does exactly what it says it does and there is no part you feel that you become stuck on.

If you follow the steps exactly to have success.

I was tempted to say you could overspend on your budget but if you’re an experienced publisher with AMS ads you will be able to spot things early and know whether to keep it going or cut the campaign so I can’t really put that down as a negative.


Revelavi Bonus

My way of saying thank you for going through my link I will be giving you some amazing bonuses.

  1. KEYWORD FINDING COURSE: Quickly find keywords with my top rated strategies.
  2. 30 Minutes Mentoring: Receive 30 minutes mentoring help for any publishing problems you have


Claim Your Bonuses

To claim your exclusive bonuses visit Revelavi through my link or go to

To claim your bonuses once you’ve purchased the course send an email to with a copy of your receipt and I’ll send the bonuses straight to you.


Should You Get Revelavi?

If I wanted to be selfish I would tell you no you shouldn’t so the number of people who knew this game-changing information would be minimal, but I’m here to give you the real deal!

In my personal opinion, I think every experienced publisher needs this course as it will help you gain an edge over your competition and give you more tools to add to your already extension publishing toolbox.

Just by applying these principles to a quality book you will get a huge advantage over your competition as they’re either not running ads or they’re running ads but don’t know how to do it competitively and they lose out either way.

As stated before this is not for newbie’s, only for publishers who know the process and have published at least 4 books already.


How Will I Use This?

Since the first failure, it has made me realize what I did wrong and has given me the ability to reassess and use more suitable books instead of more competitive ones, that way I won’t overspend.

With the Christmas season in full swing, I have some new books which follow the more to the criteria outlined and I see myself having success with these ones.  I look forward to the challenging and making it work for me like it has Jacobs other students.

This is an exciting time for me.


Final Thoughts

I really do think that the way publishing on Amazon is going that the methods used within this course will become commonplace as publishers competing for the keyword number one spot intensifies.

I want to be ahead of this trend and get my foot hole in and become the dominant publisher for a keyword and niche before the competition even thinks it’s OK to step in, and I believe I have that final piece to the puzzle.

If you enjoyed this review let me know by commenting below.


  • 16/11/2018

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