How To Self Publishing a Book On Amazon in 6 Simple Steps

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How To Self Publish a Book on Amazon: Quick, Easy and Simple

Self publishing a book on Amazon has never been easier, it’s one of those businesses which can become very passive if you set it up right.

I have books I published years ago which still earn me royalties every single month which I do absolutely nothing to upkeep, and that is what I love about the self-publishing model it is really a set and forget business.

But don’t think that just because you publish a book that it will automatically produce sales month after month because you tried.

Oh no!

It is going to take a bit of work, but if you get everything lined up correctly then you can expect your books to make you that passive income everyone dreams about.

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Self Publishing a Book on Amazon Is Easier Than You Think

In this post, you will be learning each step you need to take to publish your first book on

So without further ado let’s get in on the first step.


Step 1: Niche & Keyword

Before anything else, you need to find keywords which are already making money.  This is the key to success with self publishing.  Don’t think you can find any keyword and publish a book.  You’re setting yourself up for failure without upfront research.

REMEMBER, just because you like a keyword doesn’t mean it will make money, your emotions don’t mean squat when it comes to business.

Now we have that out the way you have two options, the shotgun or the sniper rifle approach.

  1. Shotgun: Publish books in many keywords without a niche.
  2. Sniper Rifle: Publish multiple books under a targeted niche.

I like to use the sniper rifle, this way I can specifically hone-in and target a specific niche and make more money from one customer.

Why make $2.06 when you can make $10.30 from that same customer?

That just on Kindle, if you add in paperback and audible sales that number dramatically increases.

If you do decide on the shotgun method you will be relying on black hat tactics to get reviews and launch your book.  With Amazon clamping down hard on these tactics more than ever it can put your account in danger.



Your 1st job is selecting your niche.

A niche is your category which multiple keywords fall under the one niche.

Don’t worry about whether your niche is profitable or not at this stage as you will find out when you look at the keywords.

So, select a niche and move forward.



Keyword selecting time!

This is what we call the money makers, without profitable keywords, you will make a big fat $0.

Remember you just don’t have the audience to create a book and say go buy, if people don’t want that keyword you’re not going to make any sales!!

And that just doesn’t make any business sense.

Follow this formula when searching for keywords and your good.

The first profitability factor is having 4 of the top 6 keywords under 100,000 BSR (Best Seller Rank).  This guarantees that the books under this keyword are making money.

KDSPY kindle Best Seller Rank

To get the remaining 5 profit factors to grab the list here.

Find at least 4 profitable keywords before you move on.



Step 2: Customer Persona

Now you have your keywords you want to take them and create a customer persona around those keywords.

This should be an imaginary person who will buy your books.

You will discover that they will buy some of the books but not all of them.  That is OK, you’re not after them buying every one of the books, just ones targeted for them.

By having books just for them and not a ton of random books they will feel you understand them more which will result in building a stronger relationship.

customer persona


Step 3: Book Research & Skeleton

Researching your keyword topic is what is going to make you stand out from your competition, get this right and not only will your book be amazing but your customer will feel you understand them too.

I was once guilty of not researching and my business paid dearly until I rectified all of this.

Take my lessons and do things properly.

Many publishers just give a book title to a writing company and expect them to create a masterpiece, but when they receive it back it isn’t what they were expecting.

And that has been the story for hundreds of publishers.

“Give a man a plan and he will create what you want”



One of the most important parts of the success of your book is knowing your customer.  If you don’t understand exactly who they are or what their problems are you won’t be able to create a book specifically for them.

You need to discover where they hang out online. With today’s technology this should be pretty easy whether it is Facebook groups, online forums or communities there are places that they go to talk about their problems.

Do a quick google search of [keyword] + forum and you will see many groups relating to that subject.

Go into the groups and identify what problems and pain points they are having.

Copy into Evernote and keep these for later.

kindle keyword research


Create an outline

You should now have a lot of notes.

You can use these to start creating an outline for your book.  This will let the writer know specifically what you would like to have written in your book.  This will also make the book turn out the way you planned.


Create book title

Your book title is one of the most important parts when your customer first sees your book, if not the most important part.

If you don’t make this stand out you will look just like the other books for that keyword.

Just another ‘guides to [keyword].

That is going to suck not only as a title but in the sales department too.

Your title needs to entice the reader to click on the book.

How about this one for self publishing

Self Publishing: 4 Critical Things To Increase Book Sales

The title is short and to the point but gets people interested.



You’ve successfully got them to click on the title and now they’re on the product page, however, the sales job is not over yet.

Your description is the second and final stage of the sale.

Your description must convince the customer they need the book as this can mean the difference between them clicking the buy button or clicking back.

Get this right and…..

BOOM!  You’ve just lost the sale.

Check out this book by Alex Wong, the book description is for Air BNB is what I’m talking about.

If you create a description which makes the customer feel like you know them they’re more likely to go through and click on the ‘Buy it Now’ button, which is what you want.

If you want to learn more about how to create an angle on your book title, description and do research which counts Double Your Kindle Sales will show you exactly how you can do this even if you failed English at High school.


Step 4: Create Your book

Most of the hard work is over and you’re into creation mode.

You can have this all outsourced or you can do it yourself.


Write the book

When it comes to writing your book you have two options:

  1. Write yourself
  2. Ghostwriter

If you want to save time or you’re not good at writing I would highly recommend hiring a ghostwriter.

You can hire someone on, but finding the right writer for your book can take time and isn’t something I recommend for any new publisher.

You’re better off using a writing company as all you have to do is submit your title and outline and they will do the rest.

I’ve tried many writing companies and the one that has done the best job for me is eWriter Solutions.

They’re a great price while producing quality books for me.


Book cover

Your book cover is another selling factor of what the customer first sees.

You want to make this stand out from all the other books.

Imagine you see a lot of red books and then a yellow book, which book is going to stand out the most to you?

Obviously, the yellow book.

Take that theory of standing out when creating your book cover.

No need to stress out when creating a book cover.

This can easily be done on, just type in eBook cover’ and multiple gigs will appear.

Select one which you feel will best match the style of the cover you want and has 100+ reviews. If it has 1000+ reviews even better.

If you look at the two covers below which one is more attractive and gets its point across?


If you said the first one you would be correct.  The text is clear and it stands out whereas the other one you don’t really know what the book is about.

Step 5: Once The Book is Finished


Check the book

Who doesn’t check their own work, I mean seriously?  If you don’t check what you’ve just written or created you need a check-up.

Whether you’ve outsourced the work or written yourself you need to know what you have is going to impress the customer.  Make them want to come back for more.

If you’d given a great outline you will get a higher quality book than if you just sent a title but still.


Check For Plagiarized Content

Amazon hates copied content and who else doesn’t.

Checking if anything is plagiarized is really easy, just use

Copy and paste the book material into their tool, click check and it will check the web for any content which has been copied.


Read the book

Checking your book is of the utmost importance.  Without knowing exactly what is inside your book you will be publishing blindly.

Read through the whole book and look for anything which you feel doesn’t o in the book.  If you can quickly make the change, make that change there and then.  By doing this it will make it an overall better reading experience for your customer.

If anything does come up in these first 3 steps, send it back to the writing company and ask for those parts to be rewritten.

read the book


Proofread & Editing

This is the final stage, you want a professional set of eyes to go over your work to check that it is grammatically correct and that it reads well.

I have seen so many bad reviews just because of spelling mistakes.

This will make your book look amateurish and put the reader in a bad mindset throughout your book.  And isn’t it damn annoying to read spelling mistakes?


Step 6: Publish your book

Congrats you’ve done the hard work, your masterpiece is now complete!

It’s time to publish your book on Amazon and start making money.

Go to to sign up for a free account.  Fill in all your details and you’ll be ready to go.

The process is really a step by step, Amazon will guide you through all of this.

One big thing I must mention is don’t skip on checking what the book looks like on Amazon because sometimes their converter screws up how the book looks. Do this by the ‘Launch Previewer’

Congratulations you now have a live book on… At this point, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, but I wanted to make sure you have every step of the process.

For some of you, this is going to give you the means to spur you on to publish your first book.  For others, this is going to be the best guide EVER for starting your publishing business.

And everything starts somewhere, in Kindle publishing that somewhere is keywords.  If you’re unsure how to do keyword research don’t worry I have you covered.

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As you can see above niche and keyword research is one of the most important aspects of your Kindle publishing business.

A system will help make this process a lot easier and give you the knowledge to find keywords quickly.

Check out Rapid Publishing Keywords for your step by step system.

Listen, I know it can be overwhelming and confusing when starting out.  I was right there struggling with keywords, exactly where you are right now.

It is just like any other skill and will take time to master and I know you can do it if you put all your focus into it.

Then you’ll have an amazing passive Kindle business.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to self-publish a book on Amazon, and I’d be happy to answer any of your questions in the comment section below!



Founder, Fresh Belief

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