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4 Self Publishing Courses You Need to Accelerate Your Publishing Success

Self-publishing aka Kindle publishing is a very lucrative business model that anyone can start with a minimal investment.

Think of investing $300 and getting that back in 1-2 months.

What other business model gives you the ability to do that?

From my experience very few.

The ones that do give you a quicker ROI require a bit more upfront capital to get started with.


Why Take a Course?

When pursuing any new business venture you have two options:

  1. You can try doing it your own way, testing different thing that may or may not work and end up with some OK results.
  2. Follow a proven blueprint which shows you exactly how to be successful in the shortest possible time.

I don’t know about you but I always prefer to take the second option.  I want to save time and effort and allow the course creator to show me exactly what works so I don’t have to make the mistakes.

Not only will you save money but a lot of time too.

I know of people who have wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars and hours testing new things when a course would have saved them in both areas.


Which Self Publishing Course Is For You?

The world has information overload, so much information you don’t know where to look.

There are a lot of self publishing courses available, but it is working out which one best suits for you depending on what stage you’re at in your Kindle publishing journey.

I have broken this down into the top 4 course based on what you’re looking to learn.

  1. Niche & Keyword Research.
  2. Book Research, Title and description creation.
  3. Publishing your book and scaling your business.
  4. Advertising your books.

These courses go in order of the stage your current at.


1) Keyword Research – Rapid Kindle Keywords

If you’re just beginning, stuck finding your keywords and you want to understand exactly how to find profitable keywords fast then the system of Rapid Kindle Keywords will help you.

Not only does it help you find your keywords but it lays the fundamentals of how keyword research should be done.  No longer will you be all over the place taking hours to find just one keyword, you’ll find multiple keywords in 48 hours or less.

The course is so much more than just finding keywords, it will show you:

  1. How to find 140 keywords in 25 minutes.
  2. The keywords you missed that are in plain sight.
  3. Where to look for low competitive keywords easily.

To find that out and learn more check out Rapid Kindle Keywords course.

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2) Researching Your Books – Double Your Kindle Sales

Researching your keyword is one of the most underestimated things publishers have been ignoring for many years.  They normally just find a profitable keyword, creating a mediocre title, description and publish a book which benefits no one.  As a result, their book only lasts a few months, even just a few weeks before it gets gobbled up with one-star reviews.

I know that was me for a few of my books.  That was until my mindset shifted and I now delve deep into a keyword, understanding my customer’s problems and exactly what they want from the book.  But that didn’t happen overnight.  It took one course to change all that pattern of thinking.

That course was Double Your Kindle Sales.

It will allow you to:

  1. Understand your customer in just 2 hours.
  2. Write amazing descriptions and titles which feels like childs play.
  3. Create irresistible titles which people just have to click on.
  4. Write descriptions which makes a customer want your book in their life
  5. Have books outline which creates a book your customers will die for.

Do you want to raise the quality of your books and double your sales?

Then click on this link to get Double Your Kindle Sales.

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3) Publishing and Scaling Your Business – My Self Publishing Blueprint

Publishing your book on Amazon is not as difficult as you think.  After you’ve done the research and created your book you just follow the steps outlined on the KDP Amazon page.

But if you want to optimize specific things you will be left searching the internet for your answers with a lot of conflicting information you won’t know where to look.  Wouldn’t you prefer to just get your answers in a step by step manner?

A few of the many things you’ll find out:

  1. What 7 keywords to enter for the most effective rank boost?
  2. Which categories should you select?
  3. How much should you price your book?

And much more.

Once you’ve published one book it’s onto the next book, but how do you effectively scale your business?

These are all questions you can find online with days of searching or you can take a My Self Publishing Blueprint which will show you the exact steps you need to have success and scale your publishing business.

Check out My Self Publishing Blueprint Here

My Self Publishing Blueprint 2


4) Advertising Your Books – AMS Ads Profit Formula

Last on the list is advertising your book.

AMS ads allow you to get more sales for your book, increase exposure and sales rank all for a small investment.

I have been using AMS for 2 years.  Back when I first started it was easy, I could spend very little and get amazing results.

But over the years it has become increasingly harder to make an easy ROI.  That was until I took AMS Ads Profit Formula.  This course taught me the foundation of how to start AMS campaigns profitably.

To start creating AMS Ads that will give you amazing ROI get AMS Ads Profit Formula

AMS Ads profit formula


Where Should You Start?

This depends on where you’re currently at in your publishing business to which self publishing course you should take.

Just Beginning: If you’re just starting I recommend taking Rapid Kindle Keywords to understand exactly how to find profitable keywords because without the right keywords your books won’t sell.

Got Your Keywords: So you’ve already got your keywords and now you need to research your first keyword in depth, create a title and description that sells, then Double Your Kindle Sales is for you.

Publish Your Book: Your book is ready, you need to have it written, create a cover, publish your book and scale your business, then My Self Publishing Blueprint is for you.

Advertise Your Book: You’ve published your book and you need some extra traffic.  AMS ads are by far the best ROI when selling on Amazon, to understand how to create profitable AMS campaigns you need AMS Ads Profit Formula.


Whichever stage you’re currently at I would highly recommend taking a self publishing course, you will be cutting your learning curve by a minimum of 50%, sometimes even 90%.

Not learning from someone who can show you exactly what to do will cost you time and money.


Because you will be trying different techniques and strategies that you’re not sure will work or not, and by doing this you will spend unnecessary money on books which could make you a loss.

It costs about $300 minimum to get a book published, how about 2 books, 3, 4, 5?

It really starts to add up.

If you’re a complete beginner and want to know what makes a keyword profitable get my FREE Keyword Profit Checklist.  I will teach you what makes a keyword profitable while not being too competitive.

Get started and take action!  The worst thing you can do is just do nothing.


I hope you enjoyed this post, I have some more resources below which I know you’ll enjoy.


Additional Kindle Resources




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