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Self Publishing Revolution Review 2017 – The Best Kindle Publishing Course

This really should have come a long time ago but I just haven’t got round to it.  As you already know I have been doing Kindle publishing for over a year and in that time I have taken a few courses, the one that stood out the most and really helped me understand the self publishing business on was Self Publishing Revolution.

This course literally changed the way I thought and did Kindle publishing.

I thought it was only right to look over the course and give you a view of the course which changed my Kindle publishing views.  I hope this gives you a great idea of what you will learn and what you can gain from Self Publishing Revolution, ENJOY 🙂


Self Publishing Revolution Style

The first thing that drew me to Luca’s course was his style.  You could call him old school, but I like the no BS attitude, telling you exactly as it is, giving you nothing but what you need.  There are a few courses out there that add a lot of fluff which isn’t really needed and this only confuses you more than you need to be.  Luca on the other hand only gives you what you need and nothing more, making the process easy and simple.  The system he has works, and the results which I’ve experienced and seen from many of his students are astounding.

There are many guru’s online who claim to be making thousands of dollars but never show any evidence.  There is no need for anyone to show what they are making but when they make the claim, I feel that there at least needs to be some transparency.


Why This is The Real Deal!

Remember what I said about students showing their screen shots, I was one of them and you can see how I trebled my royalties in only 2 months, Luca himself has shown his screen shots, he has even videoed and refreshed his browser as there is no way that can be manipulated.

The course has helped many new and experienced publishers to learn exactly what they needed for their publishing business to progress to something which they never thought they could.


Let’s See Whats Inside

As I said I was going to show you what’s included, as many people have asked me to see the inside of the course before they would move forward, I suppose I should have done this ages ago but here we go!


The course is broken down into 6 steps: Basic lessons, Reviews, CreateSpace, ACX, Strategies and Assessing competition.


Basic Lessons


The basic lessons are broken into 9 lessons which take you through everything you need to get started.  Once you’re finished you will be able to publish your first book on

Luca does not mess around, he gets straight into what you need from the start.  You get the feeling there is no fluff involved, he has shaved off many bits which are irrelevant and he gives you just what you need to progress.  He introduces you to the tool KDSPY and shows you how using this can 10x your keyword research and save you a lot of time.

Niche Research

Luca takes you to the start of the process and shows you how important it is finding a keyword which is profitable, and by using a specific system it gives you the ability to dominate any niche you choose as long as it is profitable.  He shows you the basic method you can do manually and exactly what you need to look for.  He puts it as a scientific method which I can say it is too!  He shows you with and without KDSPY how to do the process and how much easier it is by using KDSPY.



Luca goes into Amazon and shows you how to formulate your title.  He uses other books as his example to emphasise his point.  With this, he shows many examples of why a subtitle is not as important as you think.



Luca shows the difference between a good cover and a bad cover.  He tells you what you should do to make your cover stand out amongst the crowd of books, and by doing certain things you can make your cover look professional.  He introduces you to and shows you what you should be looking for when choosing your designer.


Writing Your Book

He introduces you to a writing company E-writer Solutions.  He shows you how to use the service and the steps to take to have your first book to be written.


Uploading Your Book

Luca goes over the basics of setting up your KDP account on, from your personal information to your banking information.  This is very important as if not you can be charged a withholding tax from

He uses his own book as an example to show you how to upload your book, cover, the pricing of your book and finally publishing it.





You’re probably one of many people who is worried about getting reviews for your book and rightly so.  Reviews are one of the major factors for whether your book will sell or not.  They tie into the Amazon algorithm and if your book has no reviews, who will buy your book?  Exactly, not many people will.

Luca has you covered, he goes into the exact steps to getting reviews for your books.  He shows you how to hire a virtual assistant, how to pay them, reviews you should aim for, and time frame you should have the reviews on your book by.




Create Space is different to KDP so you will have to set up a new account for this.

Luca goes over everything you need to know for getting started with Create Space.  He shows you how to set up your account, banking information, getting your Kindle book converted so it can be uploaded.

He reveals his own pricing strategy which links into the previous lessons which allow’s you to price your book more than other books and still make money.

This is pretty ingenious that it works and something which has helped me to increase my royalties for my publishing business.




ACX aka audible is one of those income streams which many people are missing out on.  It is growing and is only getting bigger and bigger, and now is the time to get in on it.  Many people have missed this as part of their business but there is still time for you to get started.  Luca goes over how to get your book narrated for ACX and ultimately start making a third income stream for yourself.




The strategies revealed here are magic, not only myself but many other people have commented on how these have helped them make substantial gains from only a few books.  His emphasis is on longer books and building a brand so people associate your pen name with those books, ultimately giving you more income per book you have had written.  This alone is worth the price of the course and the ROI you will receive.

To help you understand the previous lesson, Luca goes over everything and tells you the big aim of what you are looking for with Kindle, Createspace and ACX, and how if you find the right niche it can also be linked in with affiliate marketing too.  This summary helps put all of the pieces together to help you understand the points Luca has put across.


Assessing Competition


Assessing the competition is a more detailed look specifically at how your competition can effect your book.  He looks at the keywords and explains how to overcome and win against your competition and exactly what to look for.  This section is an expansion of what has already been taught in the course.





The FAQ’s has been added on from when the course was first produced as many people in the Facebook group were asking the same questions and it was only right for Luca to produce this section.  As you can see above these are burning questions you probably have and Luca answers them clearly and precisely to clear your confusion and anxiety.


Build Email List


Luca goes over the basics of how to create an email list and squeeze page but that is about it, he has a link to an outside training program which is no longer available.

In regards to the basics he shows you how to sign up to both Aweber and Leadpages, how to create a sign-up form and list.  For Leadpages he shows you how to create your first opt-in form.  Apart from that, there is not much else.  For learning more about building a list for Kindle  I would buy for List Building Revolution.


PDF Resources

Another important part of the course is the PDF downloads.  These will help you clear up answers to questions you have in regards to:

  1. How to price your books for CreateSpace and Kindle
  2. The steps you should take when publishing your book, gaining reviews, promotions you should do and then how to gain a recurring income from it.
  3. What to do if you book is not selling
  4. And more questions you have in regards to your publishing business such as whether to include free books in your keyword research.
  5. What should you put on the back of your Createspace cover and so many more important questions.




The course does not require you to purchase anything extra, Luca’s main emphasis is on Kindle publishing and the back end is not required when you start.  What he does insist you purchase is KDSPY.  As with Luca and 99% of other publishers have all purchased KDSPY and it has made our lives ten times easier.  If you try to do the research manually you will find you will be spending a lot of time instead of seconds to bring up all the data you need.  Just to get your started I have a special discount for KDSPY for $42, click here to grab your copy and add the coupon code freshbelief

The other tools he recommends are for your list building, Aweber and Leadpages.  Aweber because it allows you to use affiliate links in your emails and Leadpages as it is one of the easiest tools to use for creating landing pages.


Students Success

I have been using Self Publishing Revolution for over a year now and I have been thrown back by the amount of success many of the students have had from the course.  They are not just earning a couple of hundred dollars a month, they are earning thousands and they are producing screen shots to prove this, these screen shots happen on a monthly basis.  it is not just one or two students, it is dozens of students, here are a few below of their screen shots from the Facebook group.  Name’s and picture’s has been covered up for legal reason’s.



The community of people around me is great, everyone is positive and everyone is helpful towards each other.


Facebook Group

The Facebook group has swelled to over 350 members the last time I looked.  The community is full of people from all experience levels that are all willing to help.  It is amazing to see the community that has formed in such a short period of time since the start of the course a year ago.  Many members become more than qualified to answer questions after only a few months due to the quick learning curve.  Everyone there is willing to help you and give you the answers you need.

Luca does not step in as much now as most of the questions are answered by members, but he does overlook everything in the group to make sure everything is in control and doesn’t get out of hand, if needed he does step in and will answer your question.


Overall Thoughts

I feel the course is still the best course for Non-Fiction Kindle publishing on the internet for 2017, the strategies still apply to Fiction even though the focus is on Non-Fiction.  The course cuts out all the fluff and gives you exactly what you need to succeed with your Kindle publishing business, you won’t be confused as quite a few of the other courses make you feel.

The course is easy to follow and will help you will earn your ROI in little time if you follow the steps on the course.  The course is really for anyone who wants a solution to publishing on Amazon but haven’t been able to find one yet.

I am really thankful to Luca for his course as it has allowed me to understand Kindle publishing to a much higher degree than I ever could have done before.


If you have read this far you are wondering how to sign up and change your life.  There are two option, Life-time access and monthly access.  I recommend Life-time as you will be using this course for a long time to come.

Click on one of the links below:

  1. Life Time Access –
  2. Monthly Payments –

As a bonus, I will be giving 30 minutes mentoring for free when you purchase through one of my links.  Email me once you have purchased to claim your free 30 minutes (Worth $100)


I look forward to seeing you in the Facebook group.


Thank you for reading and good luck with your future success.






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  • 07/02/2017
  • Joshua Guevara says:

    Hi, I wanted to know, does the course revolve around ghost writing or can you write yourself? Thing is I’m just out of college and already am supporting myself and cant afford $100-200 per book. I don’t doubt the course is good but from what i understand i basically need to hire ghost writers or its a no go Isnt it? I know it’s an affiliate but I would greatly appreciate your honesty

    • mike says:

      Hi Joshua
      Hiring ghostwriters is a part of the course which you can use or not. I didn’t write my books because I didn’t have time to do it. When I publish again I will be writing some of my books.

      It is possible to write yourself and you will get your own voice in the books which sometimes is lost when a ghostwriter writes for you.

      The course will show you how to create a profitable Kindle business, it helped me, that is why I recommend it.

      Also I have seen multiple successful writers write their own books.

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