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I first heard about selling kindle books on amazon through a pod cast.  After finished listening I took a close look into the course and did my research on the course, scoured the web for more information and I found out that other people had been having success with the course.  I watched many videos, read a lot of information, I wanted to be sure that this was worth spending my time on before I started it.



I went back to the website and started watching the video which Stefan explains about the course.


I was unsure and wanted to think about it so I clicked on the x button to close the window, I was greeted by pop up and it told me that I would have access to the course for one week for $7.  I thought $7 isn’t much I might as well have a go.  The next video explained that if I wasn’t happy or didn’t like the course after the 7 days I would have my money refunded and that was that.  I signed up and started looking through the course and watching the videos.  After checking it out I thought I can make this work!



In the course niche research is incredibly key to having a book which will sell on Amazon, you have to first find a book which has a best seller ranking of under 100’000 to have the chance at making $50 a month, and under 50’000 for $100, but this is not set in stone as it also comes down to where you book ranks and how competitive your niche is.

In the course you are told to pick 2-3 niches as if one doesn’t take off you won’t be disheartened as at least one will work.

I did my due diligent and selected 2 niches based on the guidance of Stefan.  I created my title and a good description and had the book covers created and the books written.  Making this business as much hands off as possible makes your life easier, so some aspects you outsource from the start.


Book Writing and Book Cover

There are several companies recommended to write the book, however I chose as they were the best recommendation by Stefan.  I put in all the details, title and description, paid my money, $5 discount for a code Stefan give us for being part of his course.  And now I had to wait 14 days for the book to be written.

To get my cover made I went to, I searched for a high rated gig for Kindle book covers and chose that person to create my cover and waited 7 days.  The person I chose had 1000’s of positive reviews and a big list of people waiting for their cover to be designed.  This was a good sign!



Seven days had passed and I received an email from Stefan asking to upgrade to the full course for $60 extra with a 30 day money back guarantee, after watching many of the videos I thought this would be worth a shot if I put all my energy into this.  I clicked and paid, I was immediately given an offer of $47 per month for the full disclosure membership, and this was a onetime offer as if I paid later for the full disclosure membership I would pay $67, I ummed and arred and thought about this for a while, I said to myself if I am going to try this I will have to put everything into this.  I need to put a little investment into this so I said ‘what the hell’ and signed up for the full disclosure membership for $47 a month.

The full disclosure membership includes extra videos and techniques to help with your kindle book sales, also a Facebook group which has other members of the full disclosure membership who you can ask questions to that have already been where you are and offers great support and advice.  The people in this group are like minded who’s goal is to create a Kindle business just like yourself.

My book covers finished a bit before the scheduled 7 days, I was pretty happy and they looked great.  I couldn’t be happier, now was the wait for the 2 books to be written.


Extra Wait

The 14 days had passed and still no book.  I emailed write articles for me asking where my book was.  They were very apologetic and told me that there had an increased workflow, they do not sacrifice speed for quality and they would take one more week to write my books, as compensation they gave me 100 words extra per day.  I told them hold onto the word as I would use them for creating books in the future.

I was still not happy because I could not progress with the course, I wanted to move forward!  In the Facebook group a lot of members were receiving the same problem that this month their books were not being written in the time frame stated.  In the back of my mind I wanted to cancel the gig with Write Articles For Me but Stefan had recommended them as the best company he used in all the time he had been doing kindle book publishing.



I decided to progress with other parts of the course, I set up my Kindle publishers account which is pretty easy, the course shows you how to do this.  To learn more I started watching all videos I could from the full disclosure membership area.  The extra money per month is worth it considering for the information you receive from the videos.


10 days later my first book was delivered and man it was good, I was over impressed as they had done a fantastic job!

I went through my first book and read it to check it was a well written book, no errors and interesting content.  Once this was done I uploaded the book to my Amazon Kindle account.  I wrote a title and description so the book would rank higher.  24 hours later I had my first official Kindle book on amazon and it ranked on page number two out of 1000’s of books in my keyword.  The strategy was working.



The next step was to get reviews for my book so it would rank higher.  In the course Stefan teaches methods and techniques to get honest reviews for your kindle book.

A couple of days after my first book was written my second book was delivered, again the quality was over and above, I was again really happy with the work that had been done.  I uploaded my second book to Amazon Kindle, wrote a good title and description.  24 hours later my book was ranking on the third page, I still considered this good as it had just been published onto the

I started to gain amazon reviews through the techniques Stefan teaches.


How are my Sales

Currently both of my books rank on the first pages of in their respective niches, and to this point have made over 90 sales and had 435 pages read on Kindle Unlimited between them.






With any course you take the proof is in the pudding.  I am happy with the results so far as my books are currently ranked on the first pages in their niches, they are making sales and the time I invested in learning the course has not been wasted.

My next step is to create a free promotion.  Before I do this I have to get a few more reviews on each book and then it will be a hard week of promoting the book!

I am looking forward to building my Kindle Book Empire and becoming a location independent Entrepreneur.




In June 2016 I officially changed to My Self Publishing Revolution, find out why in my blog post: Why I Stopped Kindle Money Mastery And Started My Self Publishing Revolution


Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission but this will not cost you any extra.


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