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Welcome to my blog 🙂


It’s been a long journey, full of ups and downs, the life of an entrepreneur, eh 😉

This post will get you up to speed on what has happened up to this point in a quick and effortless manner


It all started back in 2015, I tried business after business, hoping for a miracle but none really took off, it felt as if I was hitting a brick wall with everything I tried.

I just knew I didn’t want to work in a 9-5 job so I continued on.


I did the whole newbie thing, watched YouTube videos, listened to podcasts, watched courses.  Everyone has been there.

It was really frustrating that I could make nothing work until I came across Kindle publishing.


At the same time as discovering Kindle, I knew I had to track my progress and keep myself accountable so a blog was perfect fit and was born.

Everything has been written down since October 2015; my thoughts, my feelings and progress.  My Kindle publishing progress started here.

The first exciting day was when I earned my first $27 online which was an amazing feeling :).  It came from this post. KDSPY Review has since made me thousands of dollars.  Not bad for a post which took me 2 hours to create.

This made the image of making money from blogging a reality. “It works and not as difficult if you take consistent action.

I believe if you put in the hard work you can achieve anything you want!


Earnest Affiliate (Now known as Income Boss)

I knew I had to journal my progress and a blog would be a great solution.  I had tried blogging in the past but just didn’t understand how to do it effectively while making money.

My past blogs were just some fun, basically the same site but copied material.



I came across Earnest affiliate now Income Boss.

Earnest Affiliate helped me learn how to create a blog and monetize it.  I never thought I would make any money from it. However, it only took a few months to earn my first commission.

Now I’m earning passive income from my blog every month.  The feeling is amazing, making money from previous efforts I have done.

As of September 2017, I had made $17,000 from my blog.


September, October, November’s affiliate income








My Self Publishing Revolution

I had been self-publishing for a few months however during this time I became stuck and directionless.  The progression my Kindle business was starting to regress and my royalties decreased to half of their peak levels. I needed a solution and some help!

In April 2016 I took mentoring with Luca De Stefani, to say the least, I was overwhelmed with the information he provided.  Soon after he launched his Kindle course; My Self Publishing Revolution.

I knew that by taking his course I could learn everything I need quicker as I had a reference guide to go off.  It was a no-brainer purchase.

Since taking the course my royalties have doubled in only a 2 month period, I have applied things to my books which I would have never thought of doing without his course.  I’m very thankful for it.


November’s royalties

Kindle Royalties


Create Space Royalties



ACX Sales



The former course I took was K Money Master and there was a reason why I switched, Here are those reasons Why I Stopped Kindle Money Mastery And Started My Self Publishing Revolution

I look forward to good times ahead 🙂


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  • 18/11/2015