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Struggles Of An Amazon Kindle Publisher

Publishing books has never been easier and making money from them is a simple process but there are struggles involved with this business that most so-called online expert’s won’t tell you.  They only mention the money that can be made from the business without explaining the upfront costs.



Kindle can be an expensive business if you don’t do it right.  The methods which were taught a year or two ago may not work now, Amazon is constantly changing how they do business and in a short period of time the techniques and methods you learned have become outdated.

I am not saying that you can not make money from Kindle publishing, you can and very quickly get a return on your investment if you do things right.  However, for some people including myself, there have been struggles and stress which comes with building this business.



When you first start publishing you get all excited, pumped up that this business will be the best decision you have made in your life, and it can be.  You need that energy as this will keep you spurred on allowing you to keep going through the hard times.  At the same time, you have to be aware that this is a business and you should treat it that way!  It is important you follow a proven path which has been tried and tested and multiple people have made money from it, you can do it yourself but taking a Kindle publishing course which teaches you how to publish correctly which will help speed up your progress.

I have had my fair share of sales and expenses from my Kindle business.  The sales give you royalties the expenses come from creating the kindle books, virtual assistant fees, course fee’s and software, it all adds up and the big plan is to make more than what you’re paying out.


Why Is My Book Not Ranking?

Ranking your book is one of the most important things because if you can not get your book ranked then you will not make money for the simple reason 80% of purchases are done in the top 20% of the search, meaning that if you book is not in the top 3-5 books it may never get sales.

If your book is on the first page but in the top 5-10 it may get one sale a day or one sale every few days, there are a few reasons why this is happening:

  • You picked the wrong niche.
  • The niche you picked is too broad.
  • There is too much competition.
  • The books in your niche are already in a strong position.
  • Your book title is not strong enough.
  • Your keywords are not specific enough.

You need to get every one of those factors correct to make your book sell well, and when you find a niche that you feel is worth pursuing, make your book the strongest one there so the already established books have a battle on their hands and new books don’t stand a chance.  If you build your book to be the dominant one for that keyword when a new book is published your book may drop for a short period of time but after a few days or a week that new book will fall again and your book will return to its original position.


Don’t Get Too Comfortable

One of the biggest things that people do in their business is to become too comfortable, you are making 4-5 figures a month from your business, now you are happy.  You feel the business is good enough to just leave in the background and just make you money on autopilot.  This is possible but at the same time you should be aware this is a business and your competition is always looking for an edge.  These new books can take your crown in the Niche and you are done for.

I am not saying it is not possible to create books and leave them to sell without doing anything, but at the same time you should have someone monitor them for you, if you making thousands a month from your business and you want to focus on something else hire someone to focus on your books for you, look at the keywords and niches to see if there is new dangerous competition coming in and create a plan of action, that way you will always have an eye on your Kindle business without having to spend the time on it.



Competition is real and it’s coming to take your piece of the pie, you can not ignore it or your book will lose its position in the keyword and ultimately sales and money.  These new books are hungry and are going to do everything they can to rank, they want to make money just as much as you do and if you don’t keep your eye on this they can take your market share in a heart-beat!


My example is: I had one book which was in the number one spot for 2 months and then 5 books were published in a short space of time, old books were put on free promotion and my book was relegated to the 2nd page, going from 5 sales a day to being lucky to make one sale a day.  This was heart-breaking to say the least as I thought I had a book which would make me $300+ a month and would be a good seller for the rest of its life time.

At the time I had lost my position with 50% of my portfolio which made me sit up and see that I had a problem which I needed to fix, I stopped all new book promotion and started to repair these old books.

What can you do to repair an old book?

  • Run a Promotion
  • Change the keywords
  • Change the title (Amazon only allows you to if it is relevant to the book)
  • Optimise the description
  • Change the book cover
  • Change the book category
  • Change the price

Changing one or two of the above can work like magic and start to make sales again, with other books it may just be too late even after implementing all of the above.



Time is money and this was the biggest thing I struggled with when I first started.  A few months ago I changed this, decided I needed to outsource the small tasks which weren’t worth my time such as having my book formatted for Kindle, Create Space and ACX  for only $4.  Normally this task would take me up to an hour to do.

With time being so vital you need to concentrate on the bigger tasks, and Kindle AutoPilot shows you how to outsource your entire Kindle business.


Keyword Selection

I feel I had a pretty good idea on keyword selection due to the sales my books were making, however after the competition came in and took my market share I realised I needed to overhaul the way I did my keyword research.  I have to go more in depth and really find the keywords which will not move, ones which the first twenty books are making money which will allow me to easily take a piece of that keyword pie.

Keyword research is one of the hardest things to do but after you trial, tweak and test methods you finally find one which works for you.  If you haven’t already I highly recommend KDSPY, this will make your keyword research ten times quicker. (Type in the coupon code ‘ freshbelief ‘ and it will be only $42)



When starting Kindle publishing there is quite a few upfront costs however you can do this quite cheaply even free including creating email lists and squeeze pages.

If you’re like me and want to make the process easy and prefer to pay for services then here is a breakdown of how much each service costs.


Book Creation

To create a Kindle book it really depends on the length and words, here is a breakdown fo how much I spend on each book

  1. Writing Book = $100-$200
  2. Cover = $25
  3. Upwork = Formatting = $4
  4. Narration = $100
  5. misc = $80


One Time Fee Software

I use many softwares to make my life easier, I have listed them below.

KDSPY (Niche & Keyword Reasearch) = $42


Monthly and Yearly software

When you start it is important that you concentrate on Kindle publishing, forget about building an email list.  What use is an email list if your books don’t sell.  Only build a backend once you know the process and system to publishing book, then be my guest.

I use these two services as they have great ease of use.

Aweber (Store all of your emails for future promotions) = $19 per month

Leadpages (Create stunning landing pages to entice your readers to join your email list) = $48 a month/Paid 1 year upfront


Kindle Courses

I have taken a variety of Kindle course and out of all of them the top one is Self Publishing Revolution, it takes you from A-Z, giving you exactly what you need to publish a book on Amazon and succeed.  I am still amazed at the high percentage of success stories from this course.


Final Thoughts

Every business has it’s struggle and Kindle can be one of those.  I struggled for many months not being shown the right direction to go in.  It is vitally important that you find the right direction from the start as this will make the results you are looking for easier to achieve.

Above I have mentioned courses and software which I have personally used and have worked for me and hundreds of other people.  I know if you use them too and apply the lessons taught you will have success too.

I wish you luck in your journey and keep pushing forward despite things that come up.


If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more, have a question or just say hi, please leave a comment below.

Warm Regards



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  • 10/03/2017

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