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Things I Learned in 2016, The Future And Beyond

2016 has been the first year I have solely focused on my business and not mixed between Muay Thai and business.  It has allowed me to change the way I focus on my day.  In the past it was a conflict of interests, both battling to gain my attention, it was Muay Thai vs business.   My passion for Muay Thai was keeping me in the sport but really I should have stopped sooner to focus on the bigger things.  2016 has been a huge shift and has allowed me to see the potential of what I can achieve, it has been a good start and has been a fun year.




If you have tried starting a business or spoken to anyone who has done one they will tell you it is not just a straight line to success.  You will have your ups and downs and it is how you deal with them and come out on the other side that will define you.  I wish it was just straight up success but that isn’t how it always works, you sometimes have to knuckle down and get working to see the results you really want.
My own personal business has been an OK success, I wish I was earning more from my Kindle and affiliate marketing businesses at this point, that is not to say I haven’t been working my ass off putting in the time to get to where I want to be in the future, I have.  Some people it takes a bit longer to achieve the results they’re after, for me it has been similar I feel I know where I want to go but the results will come in time.  It has been a rough ride but at the same time, a fun one with lots learned along the way.


Better Sleeping

With everything improving, sleep is one of those too.  I have battled with getting to sleep before 10:30pm and still struggle to this day.  I went through a period in 2016 where I was up till the late hour of the night not being able to gain a control of my sleeping pattern this came down to the most recent schedule creation.  In September I finally realised everything was a mess and I needed some kind of system and schedule to keep me on track.  After creating a schedule which had me waking up at 7am I slowly started to become more productive in my work, those morning hours made me realise that I had a whole day to get things done, and going in at midday or 1pm made me think that the day was nearly over.  As with waking up in the morning, it changed the time I went to bed, I knew I had to be up at 7am so my brain knew I couldn’t be up to the late morning hours watching YouTube videos or Netflix.
I will always have those laps on certain days where I won’t get to sleep at the time I want but I always try to get up at the right time.  The major thing to my success in better sleeping has been putting my phone on the other side of the room, putting it on airplane mode, taking a shower just before I sleep and sleeping.  That way I am not tempted to look at my phone, I become lazy to get out of my bed, I realized it is the ease of which you make your addiction which makes you addicted, make it more difficult or completely block it and it will be easier to change that thing.



2016, what can I say, this has been like a year at school, not a boring one though because I loved most of what I learned and the difference is a lot of it stuck, where as most of the things I learned at school have disappeared as they have no value in my life.  I have now gained some vital skills which can help me start a business even if I hit rock bottom again.  I know more about starting a website and a blog, how to create a profitable Kindle book series and a lot more about online business than I did before.  There is a lot more for me to learn in 2017 but that will be the fun.


On the flip side to all of the learning I didn’t implement as much as I wanted to, I litterally got obsessed with learning all these new things that it was just lessons and no action, and that can be terrible as what is the point in learning something which you will never use or do.  I would say a total waste of time, but for me I have learned those things and now I will start to implement them in 2017, I was supposed to do them in December but I got a bit lazy and chilled and relaxed with friends.



A big aspect that has changed my life is the mastermind I started with Trevor and Khairul.  Being a digital Nomad can be a lonely place and sometimes it’s hard to find like-minded people doing the same thing, even though I have my work buddies, they work in a totally different industry which is of no help to what I am doing now.  Having the mastermind provides me with a place to share ideas and help with their blog and them help me with mine.

The mastermind is focused on blogging as all three of us have our own blogs.  It is beneficial for use all as we come up with different aspects and opinions, and help each other out when we are trying to create or do something new.  The group is great as when I have a blog post picture I am unsure of I send it to them to ask what they think and I can gain some vital feedback from them.

trevor-j-fenner kairul-izad-law-of-attraction


I have a few things I failed in 2016 but the biggest one on my list was the drop shipping store.  The reason why I kick myself about this one is I took time out of my Kindle business, which was working and I was trying to build up and changed direction and went to focus on a different business in the hope of building a new income, I really should have focused on the bigger picture but I was tempted by Andrew and this made me think I could do it but in the end it was not meant to be, it was something which I took some lessons away with me.  I now know I should focus on a few small things, build them up and then once their secure work on something new.  For now, Kindle and affiliate marketing are the two things which I will start to build up to a more profitable level.


With that said I see all of these different business models coming out but my focus is sharp on Kindle and affiliate marketing, the plan is to build both of these up this year to very high levels and then take on something new.



I am pretty happy with what I have achieved, it is about right on track with what I wanted and the direction in which I want to go.  I believe I am still moving forward and that things are slowly getting better.  The best thing about the money I earn is it is all passive, I have hardly done anything over the last 2 and a half months besides learning and the money has still been coming in which is amazing.  It still amazes me to this day that money appears in my bank account from commissions that I earned from my blog and Kindle business.  I never would have thought a year ago that I could achieve what I have achieved.


I still believe anyone can do the same thing and the communities I am in I have seen so much success it has blown me away.


What I Look Forward To in 2017

So now I have 2 months to hit the $5’000 a month goal, I feel that it is achievable for combined affiliate marketing and Kindle, I am set to produce more books this month and February so this goal should be very attainable.  On the affiliate marketing side, I am starting 2 new affiliate marketing sites that if all goes correct according to Affiliate Marketing Revolution that I should start to make a couple of hundred dollars from those sites too.  Did I mention the best thing about those sites is it is all written by someone else, so these will become semi-passive income as I will have to maintain them, but I plan to make a system to make them 100% passive income sites which will be an interesting task.


On from that I am looking to get more into email marketing and create more affiliate website and also start on the Amazon commission websites too, for me this is a small exciting time as things can only go up from here.  I believe my Kindle income is steady and my blog income is steady too, and that will only rise with time.


Total Income

Well 2016 has been a profitable year, a lot of investment which is making a good ROI on it, I couldn’t be happier with the money I have made, not only has it allowed me to live better but it has also allowed me to reinvest in aspects of my business to let me grow it.
I am only doing May to December as the numbers before then did not include expenses I had in my business, so this is only 8 months of 2016.


I will break down profit to loss.


Total Passive Income: $1268.40

Total Expenses: $660.14




Total Passive Income: $2060.19

Total Expenses: $685.61




Total Passive Income: $2123.58 (Increase +$63.39)

Total Expenses: $1262.45 (Increase +$576.84)

GRAND TOTAL PASSIVE INCOME PROFITS: $861.13 (Decrease -$513.45)



Total Passive Income: $2925.94 (Increase +$802.36)

Total Expenses: $1935.26 (Increase +$672.81)

GRAND TOTAL PASSIVE INCOME PROFITS: $990.68 (Increase +$129.55)



Total Passive Income: $3545 (Increase +$619.25)

Total Expenses: $1578.87 (Decrease +$356.39)

GRAND TOTAL PASSIVE INCOME PROFITS: $1966.13 (Increase +$975.45)



Total Passive Income: $3464.73 (Increase +$80.27)

Total Expenses: $1313.79 (Decrease -$265.08)

GRAND TOTAL PASSIVE INCOME PROFITS: $2149.94 (Increase +$153.81)



Total Passive Income: $3850.14 (Increase +$385.41)

Total Expenses: $1955.86 (Increase +$242.07)

GRAND TOTAL PASSIVE INCOME PROFITS: $1894.28 (Decrease -$255.66)



Total Passive Income: $3801.41 (Increase +$336.68)

Total Expenses: $875.35 (Decrease -$438.44)

GRAND TOTAL PASSIVE INCOME PROFITS: $2926.06 (Increase +$776.12)


Total Income To Expenses

Total Income = $23’039.39

Total Expenses = $10’267.33

Total Profit = $12772.06


For my first year of working online I am pretty happy with the results.  This again is not a full year and saying I am only just starting my journey I expect this amount to go up more now I know what I am doing and have gotten over the learning curve.


Final Thoughts

I feel happy to see what I have achieved and that my progress will only go up from here.  2016 has been a fantastic year, I feel more free in myself and my life and these businesses are helping me achieve just that.  I now have my 2017 goals set, something which I didn’t have the year before, I feel with them I will achieve a lot more than what I did last year.  The difference this year is I have is a routine, that routine helps me to get more things done, this new routine has me on schedule and I feel now there will be more output per day, such as now I am smashing out 2 blog posts per week.


Everything in life takes time, and I believe now is the time for me, I remember I had many doubters at the start of this journey and I have surpassed them in every way I could.  Now I will do the same to everyone else who doesn’t believe I can do what I set out to do.  This will be my year, the goals are ready to be struck and things will only get better.


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If you want to learn how to start your own blog check out Johnny’s blogging


It has been an awesome year and i look forward to 2017, i hope yours will be just as awesome as mine.


Cheers for reading



  • 24/01/2017

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