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Udemy Price Change For All Course, Forever!!

Udemy has just announced that it will be changing all of its courses to a straight forward price on their site.  Before many instructors would price their courses at $299 and having flash sales giving discounts of up to 95% off the pricing of their course and selling at $10 once every other month.  These flash sales are now a thing of the past with courses being sold at a standard rate of $20 – $50.


Udemy Price Change For All Courses, Forever!!


Official Announcement

Udemy made their own announcement with a blog post regarding all the price changes and their reasoning behind it.



As a student this is fantastic news, you can sign up to Udemy and get right into a course without having to wait for a promotion for the price to drop to a more affordable price.

Personally, I have bought a few courses on Udemy which you can see below, but never paid more than $50 for one.  Some of the courses I have bought have been during a flash sale.  Some of those courses I bought on the flash sale I have not even started and they are the ones I bought for under $20.  When I paid a higher price for a course I took action.

For a new student there is no need to wait for these flash sales to get a good deal as the courses are priced between $20 – $50 which means if there’s a course you want to take, you do not have to wait for a sale, you can just sign up and buy it.

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My Udemy Courses


Recommended Courses

I have been through many courses and some I have just given up on, some I have gone through and found their techniques work and implemented them for myself.

Here are some of the courses I recommend:

Ebay Drop Shipping

Fiverr X Factor – Earn $2,896 on Fiverr in Only 3 Months

Small Talk Networking: How to Talk To Anyone


Future Of Learning

I think this is a good idea by Udemy, it allows more people to gain access to knowledge at more affordable prices.  You can learn literally anything on Udemy and if you apply what you have learned it will help you in  your life.  So what used to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars now costs under $50 to learn.

If you are like myself a visual learner Udemy is perfect for you.


Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission but this will not cost you any extra.


What do you think of it? Good/bad? leave a comment below to discuss.




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  • 07/04/2016

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