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Why You Never Actually Start

In recent months I have been learning all about paid advertising and some of my own actions actually made me think why I had never started another PPC campaign to this point.

I have been learning about paid advertising with mobile and native advertisement over the last 4 months and in that time I have only started 1 campaign which didn’t go well.

It wasn’t until I really thought why I never started, that it occurred to me that this is not just something in regards to just paid to advertise.  It relates to many things we do.

I feel many people get the learning stage but don’t have the right mindset to continue and it’s hurting their progress in everything they do. We always find the smallest excuse not to start.


The Excitement

If you’re like me whenever you start something new you get all excited about the new knowledge you’re taking on.  You’re diving into this new world of knowledge that you know nothing about and have dreams of becoming an expert in this field.

You start out and you’re progressing well, every lesson you’re learning something new, it’s like you’re in wonderland. It’s all so new that you want to learn every single detail about it.

You start to think nothing will stop you in your path and you will be the best at this!!!



Some Time Passes…

I can’t give an actual time length due to every course and person is different. But the one thing that will happen is you will be learning all of this knowledge and once you have finished the course you try to apply it.

You forget something, so you go back into the course. You’re then thinking you need to do a bit more research and start to look outside the course for instruction and get lost in the world of many people’s knowledge.

What’s just happened is you have started down the path to nothingness.

What I mean by nothingness is you have all of this knowledge and you’re not implementing it. You’re just kind of learning it, thinking you’re storing it and give it a few days and that former knowledge that was once fresh has disappeared from your minds existence.

You’re probably wondering why.

Think of it like this, when you were a kid learning to ride your bike, you didn’t just learn about it, you did it. And that’s why you’ve got to a competent level where you can ride without stabilizers.

Same thing here, when you start out, you’re applying the knowledge with stabilizers, eventually, you will be able to take them off and be able to apply the knowledge without a 2nd thought!


Notes – Step 1

The first stage of learning is taking notes. You have two options, a notebook or Evernote.

I like to use both. The reason why I use a notebook is for some reason the knowledge seems to stick for longer when I use one, and when I refer back to it it is easier to read back and get the vital information.

I kind of tripped out when I compared notes I was reading in Evernote and a notepad, I understood my notepad notes better. It may be a psychological thing but that’s what works for me and many other people I have talked to.

There will be other people who prefer Evernote, but I think it depends on the type of person you are.

I like using Evernote as once it is written down it is there and I can access it from anywhere. Depending on what I am doing will depend on whether I use Evernote as my preference.

But overall keeping notes allows you to quickly go back and refresh your mind on what you’re looking for. It’s ten times easier than going through the whole video.


Time Stamps

Another aspect of learning within notes is making a time stamp note. Sometimes it is easier to hear from the teacher with his explanation.

What I do is for the relevant note is I take a note of the video lesson and the time he talks about that specific thing, that way I can go to the specific point and get a refresh.


Apply What You Learn

I feel this is a huge problem for many people when they take a course which feels overwhelming to them. They take the course and never apply it.

There are a few reasons why people do this, one of the biggest is wanting to take every little bit of knowledge in about every aspect before you apply.

This is a terrible idea!

For me, I have come to understand only taking in what I need and then applying it. Currently, for my paid ads I have found an offer I want to run, I have taken landing pages and ads and I’m now waiting to be approved for the offer.

There are lessons which show me how to upload the offer to the affiliate network but there is no point me watching those lessons as I am still waiting to be approved by them.


Watching Future Lessons

This may sound like I am contradicting myself to what I said previously, but hear me out.

Within paid advertising, the biggest part of creating anything profitable is optimization as they say ‘A profitable campaign is never found, they’re created’

This is something I really wanted to understand, so I watched all the videos on this and it finally clicked.

How do I justify this? I feel understanding the whole process is important to be able to work the most effective way to do the current task. If you understand the whole process you will understand the quickest way to do each step. This allows you to do things easier.


The Frustration

Many people feel frustration in whatever they’re doing and this is really down to not understanding what they’re doing.  80-90% of the time it is because you have complicated something simple.

You’ve added in your own variables or you’re not 100% focused on the task at hand. This focus can come from thinking of several niches at the same time. Yes, this can apply to anything, Kindle, affiliate marketing, writing a book. They all can make your mind go off in different directions.


This has a lot to do with shiny object syndrome

I will give you examples in Kindle and paid ads



Within Kindle, you’re trying to choose a niche and you’re down to your last 2 and but in your mind you keep jumping between them not sure which one to move forward with that you just stop and don’t do anything.

However every day you think about them contemplating which one you should go with.



You are using the search software Adplexity to see which niche to go into and you see an offer for diet, then you see another good one for Biz Opp (Business opportunity), then you see another for testosterone.

You start with Biz opp but then you think back and change to diet, then you have a second thought about testosterone. And this cycle keeps on going round and round. The end result is you get nothing done.


The Voices

The biggest thing I have learned about business is you should make an educated guess and then just go with it.

What will happen is you will always have these voices telling you everything to make you stop, it might not work, you don’t have enough information, that offer is better.

In reality, it is a safety mechanism trying to keep you safe from the unknown.

Think about it, if you know how to do something you will just do it, but if you’re not 100% confident you will always have second thoughts about whatever it is you are doing.

It’s OK to have those thoughts but you need to put them at the back of your mind and just go go go!!

Those thoughts will be with you in everything you do


Screw It Let’s Do It!

You need to give those thoughts a back seat, I know it’s nerve-wracking and you’re not the only one who gets these thoughts.

The best thing you can do is just choose one and go for it.

Trust me, whether this works or it doesn’t you will be in a much stronger position next time you do the same task as you will have the experience.

Not everyone gets things perfect the first time, just look at my record. I’ve screwed up in many businesses but I know that I will always improve and grow.


Final Thoughts

I like to treat business as a game, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. But by god damn I will try my hardest to win!

There will always be risk, fear and many other emotions that you will feel when you start anything new but the biggest thing you need to think is let’s just do this, get through it and see where I’m at tomorrow. That way you will progress no matter what you do.

Too many people let fear run their lives because of they’re comfortable.


If you take anything away from this post is it’s OK to be fearful and scared but you just got to break through it because it’s only you that’s holding you back!!


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  • 16/09/2017

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