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10 Steps To Writing Your Next Killer Blog Post

Writing a blog article can be difficult task if you’re unsure what to write about, you can be stuck on the page with that vertical line just blinking, and just staring at the screen with a blank mind.  Can you relate to this?  Many bloggers and article writers do, it’s like your brain has just farted and you can’t clear the smell and your brain is struggling to do anything else.  I have had this many times.

I have been writing for over a year and I have created a method works for me and I think it can work for you too.

You don’t have to apply these steps in any particular order, take notes as this will help you out no end.

1) Have a Plan

Knowing what you are going to write about is very important, this can mean the difference between you spending hours sitting at your computer screen and getting next to nothing done and writing out your master piece in record time.
A plan can be just a brief outline or it can be detailed, that way you will know which direction your blog post is going in and you will be able to articulate your points better.


2) Grammarly

Grammarly is a must have for everyone, my spelling and grammar can sometimes be off and this free app will automatically tell you by highlighting the word it thinks is wrong.  This will save you a lot of time and energy.  I am constantly saved by Grammarly.  It is a free chrome add-on which identifies errors in your writing.




3) Find Your Spot

Everyone has a place where they feel most at ease when they are working, that could be at home, cafe, co-working space.  This spot should be free from distractions so your mind can focus and concentrate on the task in hand.  By finding this place you will find you will be able to write quicker and easier.  If you are not comfortable in your environment change it to somewhere you will be able to write more effectively, if you feel stressed and write this will come out in your writing and you won’t be able to write to your best.  If you feel stressed or can’t write, grab a note pad and pen and go outside, this helps me to change my mindset

4) Just Write

Yes, you heard me, just write!  I used to think too much about my post being perfect on the first try and that can cause you to take much longer than you should do to finish your post.  By just writing what comes to your mind you will write out something which may not look good the first time but what this will allow you to do is go back through it and edit it.  Trust me all of my first drafts are bad.  The best thing about this is once you have written it out you can go back through and check what needs to be improved upon.


First off I am going to say the process of writing a blog post is not as difficult as you think it is, your aim is not to have the best version for the first one you write, you just write what comes and it may look a mess, have grammatical errors and that is fine, that is why you call it a first draft, that’s because that’s what it is.




5) If You Can’t Think, STOP

Your blog post doesn’t have to be done in one session, it can be broken down into several sessions, I normally take 2 or 3 as I do have my brain freezes.  This post for example, I started in December 2016 and finished it in January 2017, that is 4 weeks.  It will always be stored and when an idea came to me I could quickly open Evernote on my phone or laptop, edit it and close the app.
I really think there is nothing worse than just sitting at a blank screen and not being able to write, sometimes we are just not in the right frame of mind to write and that is definitely when you should stop.


6) Be confident

Remember this is your blog and blog post, this is coming from your experience and skills and if you’re writing it you will know what you are talking about.  You don’t have to worry about what other people think this is your content and you should be confident and proud of what you are writing, yes we will have our haters and critics but that happens in all aspects of life when you become successful, just remember you are doing something good and never worry what other people think.


7) Pictures

A picture can tell a thousand words and this is true with your blog post too, by adding a picture it adds more context to the post and if you are trying to explain something it will help your reader understand your point more.
Pictures are so important to divide up the writing and they can add more depth to the post, it allows the reader to understand your point more as you can use the image to illustrate your point more.  If you don’t have any pictures of yourself you can cut out specific parts of your screen with ‘Snipping Tool’ for windows.

write blog posts

8) Video

A video is not essential but it adds a different form of content for the person who has come to the page.  People like to consume content in different ways and a video is the perfect way to help the reader get to know you more.  The added benefit is you can put the video on YouTube and this will be another way for people to find you.  Check out video at the start of the post I have added of me talking about this post.


9) Break It Up

Breaking up your posts with sub headers will make your post a lot easier to read.  Imagine coming across a post that is 1000 words long and it is all the same small letters and no titles.  You may be overwhelmed and not want to read it any more.  By breaking it up you will make it easier for your reader to consume it in bite size chunks.


10) Re-read & Proofread it

A lot of your spelling and grammar will be taken care of by Grammarly but you may still have some errors or parts of it may not be how you wanted it to sound in the first place.  By proofreading it you will be able to go back over the post and see what went wrong and how you can improve it.  I recommend going over it quickly while in editor mode and then opening up a preview of it to see what it looks like on your page.  I find that by opening it up on as a preview I catch more errors I may not have seen.


Final Thoughts

I feel everyone has their own methods and steps and I feel you can take one or two from my list.

Let me know your thoughts, do you agree with what I said or disagree, do you have your own steps, let me know in the comments below


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